Friday, September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney's Sinking Ship

Pretty funny to watch.

In the last week or so, multiple prominent right wingers have come out to blast Romney for his obvious mismanagement of his presidential campaign- this isn't surprising, with his slipping poll numbers after his Libya statements following the embassy attack, his 47% rant, and his most recent screw up with the spray on tan.
Peggy Noonan, former Reagan speech writer and big time right wing hack has called his campaign "a rolling calamity." Herman Cain, who few take seriously but was at one time considered as a possible standard bearer for the GOP, claims he'd be beating Obama by a large margin. Tommy Thompson, a Republican candidate for the Senate once considered a shoo-in has come out blaming Romney's gaffes for his slip in the polls. And most recently some of Romney's campaign backers have expressed deep concern about his campaign.

Every candidate expects to be criticized by the opposing party- but when your own party seemingly abandons you and appears to be distancing themselves from your campaign, you know that you've truly hit rock bottom.

The Republican party is seemingly suffering from a lack-of-interest malaise, with former compatriots of Romney jumping ship to save their own skins, realizing he has very little chance of doing anything except soundly losing to a candidate overseeing a weak economy, high unemployment, and growing external tension.

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