Sunday, October 28, 2012

Egregores and New, Even Better Occult News

In addition to the bulk lot I have already obtained, and the bulk lot I mentioned in my previous post I have located another lot of occult booklets and short books from the same period (28 different works) which I have also opened bidding on. I am also bidding on a cheap copy of the necronomicon by Simon (and I will explain a bit in a moment about that.) I dropped my bid for the demonology encyclopedia due to its quickly rising price- I need to hold my cash for the other bids in case they go up in the next few hours before bidding ends, so I can outcompete the other bidders.

Assuming I win both of these lots, I will have obtained a total of 80 different occult works- far in advance of my plan to get about 40 by the end of the year, and after reselling them I expect to have made back about twice what I paid for them, even as I keep four or five of the book/lets I have identified as something I'd like to hold onto. The majority of these works, as I said before, are very rare, and have never been accessible to the public in a free form.

As for the Necronomicon- and this is a concept apparently employed by chaos magicians- the psychological willpower used during rituals can give rise (theoretically) on some other plane of existence, to beings or forces or energies themselves, for which the term is "egregores." An occultist I know explained this concept- it is one I have thought of before but I wasn't aware it was an established term actually used in occult circles. While the Necronomicon was itself created as a work of fiction (albeit one loosely based on a real pagan form from Sumeria) many folks actually worship those deities, practice those and related rituals, and venerate, either symbolically or literally, the powers of such works- literally, the willpower of those individuals as a collective give rise to the enhanced power of those symbols, figures, and names therein.

Giving rise to new chains of existence, ever fractal in nature.
This concept also appears in "vampyre magick" which varies in form from literalistic sanguinary occultism, to the metaphysical (psychic vampirism) to the metaphorical relation of any force of magick in which energy is being transferred in some way to a user from some extant life force.

Keep in mind these booklets I am purchasing are not all about demons or magickal rituals- some deal with astrology, eastern tantra, hypnotism, reincarnation, astral projection, telekinesis, and ESP.

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