Monday, October 22, 2012

It Has Begun

I have begun the laborious and expensive process of gathering up occult texts to be scanned for the first time into pdf format, to be released here on this blog and, perhaps, elsewhere.

I have purchased a lot of theosophical/metaphysical works on ebay, consisting of 9 different works, and I am currently bidding on a lot of 14 early 1900s occult booklets- and, courtesy of one person who visited this blog, I will shortly if all goes well, be obtaining two more works as well.

There are many more works I may be releasing soon, but the major point is- I have to be able to at least break even when I resell the works individually in order to allow me to obtain still more material to release here- the goal is 1,000 occult texts by the end of 2014, which is a hefty task indeed but one I feel confident I can achieve.

I may offer the individual texts for sale to folks on this blog as well as on my youtube channel, to literally use private ebay bidding to obtain them.

As far as I know none of the texts I have/ want to acquire are anywhere online, and all of them are old enough to "probably" not be copyrighted in their present form.

Exciting news!

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