Friday, October 26, 2012

Occult Success!

Some of the booklets I just won.

Despite the rather high cost of buying original printings of occult material, I always found more love for the original books/booklets than for modern reprints on cheap stock pulp which look like shit.

I managed to obtain a large lot of very old, mostly first edition occult booklets- Here is a list of what I obtained:

- "The Occult Anatomy of Man" by Manly Hall, 1st edition, 1925 and also another edition from 1957
- "The Occult Significance of Blood - An Esoteric Study" by Rudolf Steiner, 1912
- "Occultism for Beginners" by William H Dower, 2nd edition - 1917
- "Clairvoyance and the Serpent Fire" by Geoffrey Hodson, unknown date
- "Hypnotism - Mesmerism and Reincarnation", by Blavatsky, 1956
- "The Gospel of St Matthew" small leaflet
- "Nature's Mysteries and How Theosophy Illuminates Them" by A.P. Sinnett, 1918
- "Echoes from The Orient" by William Q Judge, 1929
- "An Epitome of Theosophy", by William Q Judge, unknown date
- "The Stable and the Manger" by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, 1936
- "The Ass in the Lions Skin - The Relation of the Old Catholic Church to Theosophy and the Theosophical Society" by H.N. Stokes, 1918
- "Theosophical Light on the Christian Bible" by Henry T Edge, 1945.

Note that some of these are christian works- while I will likely disagree with their message, they will also likely still be of interest- I enjoy reading all perspectives on occult topics whether accurate or not.

I have also obtained a bulk lot of 9 1970s era Alice Bailey books on new age/theosophical subjects, and will shortly attempt to obtain Robbin's "Encyclopedia of Demonology" (an original hardcover edition) and a second bulk lot of 50s-70s era occult booklets- 29 of them to be exact.

Over time, I will be scanning all of these works into pdf files and releasing them here for download- once that process is complete, I will probably offer them here and on my Youtube channel, for folks to make offers to buy (the newer booklets will be cheap, the old ones rather expensive.)

My hope is that this will further the purpose of the truly occult community.


  1. This is a great thing you are doing!

  2. Replies
    1. The scans will be uploaded to rapidshare once I obtain the booklets.

      After this, they will be distributed on this blog, my Youtube page, several Facebook groups, and possibly third party sites.