Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Recent Developments

For those of you perhaps wondering why I have been inactive for the last week or so on both this blog and on Youtube- my time lately has been spent forming the foundation of one of my lifelong goals- the compilation of as much spiritual/mystic/occult material possible to reasonably obtain, all for release to the general public.

The pdf files I have been posting here to download are largely secondhand works I obtained from other people- but there are thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands, of booklets, pamphlets, books, and other text works in existence which currently nobody has bothered to scan into pdf files for download- indeed, lately even the formerly easy to obtain files for the standard, more commonly found occult or mystic works have been more scarce- we're undergoing a mystical, metaphysical, occultist revolution at the moment and that expanded audience needs more material for consumption.

That's where my plan comes in- I have been selling antiques on ebay at a profit that I grab from yard sales, estate sales, etc, building up a small cash reserve for a singular purpose- I intend to gobble up as many occult and mystical texts as I can, in bulk lots, scan them for folks to download, then sell them off to break even or make a slight profit (I may end up posting some of the less expensive works on this blog for folks to perhaps consume.)

I already have my eye on three bulk lots, I am doing everything in my power to obtain them, as I know in the long run, as with other antique or collectible items I obtain and sell, I make a significant profit- things you get for 25 cents can sometimes be worth fifty dollars to a collector.

That being said, if I am posting only sporadically this is the likely reason.

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  1. Long time follower here (originally subscribed because your your morning glory video back in 2009?)

    Anyways, I am a regular consumer of your content and would love to support you if I could, considering I am currently in that situation....

    I work at a large Antique Mall (Canada), and am privy to a large volume of esoteric/ occultist texts and objects.
    If you would like, you can send me a list of texts you are having a hard time getting your hands on, and I will try to source some if I can

    my throw away email is , ill re-direct you to an official email if we get in touch.