Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IMPORTANT: Filzip for .Zip folders

Because the length of many of the occult booklets makes it impossible to upload to rapidshare as one pdf file for download, I have begun to archive them into zip format.

While some of you are probably aware of what zip is used for and how it is turned into actually usable files, I figured I'd make a quick suggestion for those who aren't.

I use filzip- it's free, has a tiny file size, no spyware, etc. Basically, I am uploading the pdfs of longer texts in compressed archived folders.

If you want to get filzip (easy mode) just go to the site download below- once it is fully installed, simply opening any .rar or .zip file with it is as easy as using "Open with" after right clicking the zip download. You can easily save this preference so that in the future a simple double click will suffice. When the file opens in Filzip, simply hit "Extract" and make sure you know where it's extracting to- you will then see the folder with the pdfs inside it wherever you chose to extract to.

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