Monday, November 5, 2012

Occult Booklets Have Arrived

The first load of occult booklets has arrived- they are in better condition than I expected, and many of them are older than I at first believed- a few are from the 1920s, most are from the 1940s through 1970s, with a few newer works. Most of them I'd rate "Very good" condition- a few have enough damage to be just "Good."

Embedded here is the video I made showing off the booklets- after the election is through, I'll begin the process of scanning them into pdf files if I am able- I am unfamiliar with the process but I should be able to handle it- and begin with the smaller booklets (15 to 40 pages) finally culminating with some of the longer works.

If you see any you desire, feel free to make an offer, but keep in mind I will have to completely scan the book/let before I can sell it- And the following is very important to anyone who does decide to purchase any of the booklets- you will have to pay in advance, and PLEASE include tracking on the letter, and forward me the tracking number- that way it negates the possibility either of us scams the other person (I would not scam anyone, but I expect others to assume it's possible, which is fair.) In turn, the book/let(s) you purchase will also be shipped with tracking (and possibly insurance) and you will be given the tracking number.

Any which do not sell will be listed on ebay, although a couple of the works I intend to keep.

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