Thursday, November 8, 2012

Styxhexenhammer Speaks #2 Now Available

The second speech-only album is now available for download: "Styxhexenhammer Speaks #2."

This second spoken word album exclusively deals with the topic of religion, symbolic or literal occultism, and linguistics as they apply to certain christian terms, as well as a look at why atheism and spirituality are not inherently exclusive to one another.

I am also pleased to announce a large conglomeration of other projects I am working on- some poems I made along with a recitation of Poe's "The Raven" as well as another spoken word album exclusively with edited readings from "Sickness In Hell" which I will soon make available (after editing) as a downloadable short story (about 80 pages) as well as some short texts from two other series' I created: "Monty and Carla" (A sarcastic, gruesome revisiting of female romance literature) and "Morbid Stories" (Various one to two page, short stories with the singular purpose of being as disturbing as possible.)

It is quite likely I will release more music, as well, as I learn how to better tinker with audio programs.

In all I hope to have edited and revised and created two new spoken albums and at least two text archives by new years, along with, as promised, scanned pdf files of as many occult texts as I can feasibly complete.

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  1. I like how you separate the definition of spirituality from religion. It has caused me to become more interested in my thoughts on spirituality. I also would like to thank you for all of your efforts in your occult scanning project. I look forward to reading many of the booklets you have shown on your videos.