Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two New Spiritual Texts

Two new spiritual texts.

Thanks to one seemingly well connected Canadian fan of this blog, two new texts are now in my possession, and my hope is that, since he obviously knows where to look for old, interesting spiritual/occult texts, more may be forthcoming.

These two texts are both quite old- the book on the left is not occult, per se, but is an 1800s edition of Edersheim's "The Temple and it's Services" documenting the ancient practices of judaism centered around Jerusalem- some of the references to authentic jebrew ritual and prayer are patently occultist in nature, although most occultists would frown upon such references to abrahamic magick.

The second and more exciting text is an original printing of the constitution of the grand masonic lodge in Alberta circa 1936. It seems this handbook was actually used by a mason, as revisionary slips have been glued over sections where revisions were made at a later date to certain rules or membership fees. While masonry is not explicitly occult in nature, its nature is such that it lends itself easily to the expansion of rituals which interest me and, perhaps, others reading this blog.

The grand lodge constitution will certainly be scanned due to its under-130-page size, but the nearly 350 page size of the Edersheim work makes it unlikely that I will devote the effort necessary to scan it- it is likely to be collected or resold to purchase other, smaller works for the scanning project.

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