Monday, December 10, 2012

New scans coming soon... plus a NEW project!

The first lot of occult/metaphysical booklets has arrived, in the next few days I will begin scanning them- this process may be longer than expected because the booklets are wider, necessitating scans of each page rather than 2 at a time. I will work on the Mark-Age newsletters first as they are fairly short and small enough to I believe scan two pages at a time. It is likely I will release several of these metaphysical texts tonight!

However there is another, even more awesome project in store and I hope to get this done before new years: Some time ago I managed to get ahold of a series of publications dealing with a phenomenon known as the "inner earth." These texts, about 500 or so pages in all, deal with various reports of UFOs and USOs, the hollow earth theory, aliens, crop circles, cryptids, geological phenomena, etc, from around the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, in four different volumes.

This extensive collection of primary source stories, interviews, and news based tales, is invaluable as a metaphysical text and quite difficult to get ahold of except on Brantonia's site, which is hosted on the arcane, somewhat hard to navigate angelfire listings, so I intend to convert the word documents to pdf files and release them here- anyone interested in any of this material ought to download them once they are done: Keep in mind I have to convert each individual page to do this, which will take days at least, perhaps weeks, and during that time I may release only 2 or 3 scans.

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