Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wing Anderson - Wars End (1945) PDF Download

Definitely the most bizarre booklet in my collection- this originally late 1930s, but revised, re-released mid 1940s era text contains some puzzling material.

First, it contains a roughly ten page "poem" revealing, apparently, the end times prophecy of a religious visionary, it then goes into great detail predicting the end of World War Two as the end of the world (an amusing, failed prophecy.)

However, it also contains some nuggets of wisdom as well- it also speaks about the banking/business cartel bankrolling both the allied and axis powers during the war, comparing this to the similar reasons for the long lasting nature of the first world war, and why it inevitably led to round two. Amusingly, while the booklet derides Nazi Germany, it also seems to contain an ad at the end of the booklet, for a biblical translation referencing the positive points of eugenics.

It also warns of out of control, monopolistic businesses and their banker and politician cronies, although this is hardly prophecy considering by the 1930s it was already apparent that the majority of politicians and businesspeople had been corrupted and no longer gave a crap about the population and saw them as pawns.

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