Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coming Soon...

Grandinem In Lupinotuum

In the upcoming weeks and months, I have begun the process of releasing, through several publishers, my own occult, mystic, and spiritual works- on various topics, in booklet form.

As the texts become available on publishers' websites, I will certainly release them here as links to purchase- for obvious reasons I cannot add them as free pdfs (as they will be recently copyrighted and it would actually be a detriment to sales of my own work to do so.)

So far, 6 works have been accepted for publishing by two publishers, and about 12 more works are being created as we speak- and this is literally just the tip of the iceberg, the ones which have been submitted are as follows:

-The Gnosis of Sumeria
-Templar Magick
-The Masonic Master Curse
-The Magickal Powers of Salt
-Hymns to the Feminine
-Hylic Success from Magick

Currently, I am working on a very special work- a treatise on Charles Manson's spirituality, and the rather dark egregore which surrounds his character and everything "Manson." It may take a week or so to be accepted, and in the meantime I have other works in progress including pagan magick, work on djinn and evocation, and may also branch into theosophy and astrology.

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