Monday, January 7, 2013

Oswald Spengler - Blood and Soil A Heathen Manifesto (Undated) PDF Download

A nice little text listed as an Oswald Spengler work, with no publisher or date of publication listed- presumed to relatively hard to find, offered only as a reprint by online vendors.

The text itself is philosophical and pro-pagan in nature, giving examples of the decadence and resulting decline of western culture, and ways to rectify the situation, as well as pointing to notable examples of western revival from the past. It also encourages the western underclass to return to survivalism, agriculture, and self sustaining environmentalism: A bit like the ecofascism of 1930s era Europe.

All in all a very well written, thoughtful manifesto, which should be far better known than it is at the current time.

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