Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Odinist - Can We Still Say God? (1981) PDF Download

A very nice little Odinist booklet on the topic of religion; it speaks about the goofiness of christianity and its claims, along with the comparison of the suffering of millions of pagans with the suffering of the one jesus claimed to be real by the christian church, as well as the coming rebirth of light from the old ways of the ancient pagans- a very real fact that I have myself pointed out as the internet compiles and makes available materials from such groups to much wider audiences- a goal I myself work towards on this blog.

"What was the suffering of the crucified christ, real or alleged, against this suffering of millions of our people throughout the centuries! And how heavy weighs the guilt of christs death, real or fictitious, against the reality of a forged 'word of god' into which christs death was fitted as the bait for potential converts to a jewish god!"

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  1. I'm an odinist. I'll be sure to get this! You're so enlightening. Thank you.