Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chris Dorner, Superstar

Inside Job?

Anyone paying attention to the news at the moment knows half the Los Angeles police force is searching for Christopher Dorner- what people likely haven't seen is the story on Russia Today (the only larger news site offering this information at the time) where it notes that, lo and behold, the LAPD have attacked at least two blue pickup trucks like the one Dorner had- injuring two people in the process.

(UPDATE: Four civilians are now injured as a result of LAPD actions.)

Why are they so obsessed with killing Dorner? After all, even if he was in one of those trucks, wouldn't it make more sense to blast out a few tires and keep him from escaping?

The easiest answer? The LAPD wants him dead- they don't want him to go to trial.

As we saw with the Charles Manson case and the LAPDs willingness to cover up the reality of the case to save their mafia overlords, you can almost smell a rat with this story- it reeks of corruption, and even odds says that someone rather high up knew Dorner had stumbled, say, on a dirty secret related to drugs or pimping or the money siphoning of the higher ups.

Anyone familiar with the LAPD knows they have little regard for law per se, and rather spend their time looking busy, or else laundering drug cash payoffs from cartels. The trade off? The cartels give them a cut, and agree not to raise too much hell, the LAPD doesn't go into their turf to try and stop them from profiting off selling crack or heroin.

I'm willing to bet almost anything that he's been harassed in the recent past and knew someone was going to kill him anyways- so he decided to bring the war to them rather than sit and wait.

Truck the LAPD "accidentally" shot up today.

Dorner was fired for allegedly making a false statement about his sergeant while he himself was part of the LAPD, saying that his sergeant had kicked a schizophrenic man- the fact that this almost certainly occurred is fairly simple- what possible reason would Dorner have had to make such a claim? Chalk his murderous rage up to witnessing, from within the system itself, just how hideous and corrupt it really is.

Any time a police force of this size goes truly apeshit like this and even starts blasting civilians, you know there's more to the story than meets the eye.

UPDATE: It seems it has now become evident to the more intelligent public that the LAPD is even more guilty than Dorner: just take a look at the top comment on CNN's Dorner story.

And the top comment on Huffington Posts' story:

“I lost everything, because the LAPD took my name and knew I was innocent.”

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  1. In the appellate review of the BOR's findings, it was noted that the Sgt. that was accused of abusing an ill arrestee was Officer Dormer's immediate supervisor, and that she had advised him that he needed to improve some of his professional skills in order to attain a satisfactory review. It was the day after that unsatisfactory evaluation was submitted that Dormer made his allegation about the abuse of the schizophrenic.