Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christopher Dorner Shootout

Reports at the moment that Christopher Dorner is in a shootout with the police West of Big Bear, in Angelus Oaks.

No confirmation, but some are claiming 2 officers are dead, that a CBS reporter is reporting with an open microphone as the shots are being fired, and that Dorner is dead/ captured/ or is on the run.

UPDATE: Dorner reportedly holed up in a cabin with hundreds of officers pinning him down. He had two hostages, one who has gotten away the other still inside.

UPDATE: http://www.iheart.com/live/KFI-177/ reports that the police think it's possible Dorner actually, somehow, managed to hijack a police vehicle- reports of many police leaving the cabin scene to some other location to hunt down that possibility.

UPDATE: All live video and audio feeds seem to be down- supposedly to protect the officers, but more likely because they don't want anyone to see when they airhole Dorner.

UPDATE: The cabin is in flames, no info on whether an occupant or the PD started the fire. One deputy is dead from the firefight, the other injured but expected to recover.

UPDATE: Dorner may have escaped- tracks reportedly seen leading away from the scene to a corral where Dorner may have had a vehicle. Still no info on whether the fire was started by the police, Dorner, or was preplanned and the result of an explosive/incendiary device.


  1. dont you hate it when you accidentaly shit yourself when you are trying let out gas

  2. Thanks this kept me updates during the time so I just wanted to go ahead and drop a comment :)

    A Day to Remember

  3. Good to see the occult programming of the public is going full steam ahead. The Dorner event was to condition the public to be watched from the sky by drones, that will eventually be weaponised. Drones were used to catch Dorner, whose surname is an anagram (magical word permutation) of DRONER, and R (our) DRONE.

    Keep up the good work Hexenhammer, you're blog is really great (although a lot of the files you've uploaded to rapidshare can't be downloaded - one gets a red 'permission denied' message).

  4. I'm not sure they actually used drones to catch Mr Dorner, but there was plenty of mass media speculation that they were going to/should do. This serves the same purpose as actually using them, in that it conditions the public.