Saturday, February 2, 2013

My First Grimoire

Big news for the beginning of February- I have almost completed my first grimoire- Malum Magicae-  a very dark, four-section text which when done will come to about 75 to 80 pages, a work of pure blasphemy.

It has already been accepted by one publisher, and I have contacted a second as well, to compare offers if the second publisher shows interest, so in either case, my first full length book will shortly be complete.

I am also working on a large host of other projects, both text and music, and may make some local media appearances in order to push my produced materials.

If you have local radio or television programs which cover the occult and similar topics, it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact me on my Youtube page (Styxhexenhammer666.) I will also be shortly making a video calling for my subscribers to, if they like, do so, and I have some other nefarious groups in mind for appearances.

My Manson text will, hopefully, also be completed fairly soon, after which I may ask the Tate-Labianca folks at Star City Radio for a possible time slot.

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