Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Non-Exhaustive List of Those Called the Antichrist

A very short list of the more serious claims to be the antichrist, compiled from tens of thousands of individuals who have been, supposedly, "the antichrist" throughout centuries of time.

Aleister Crowley

The so-called most evil man on Earth was a prime candidate, especially with the beast 666 references, but the largely opium-addled Crowley was more interested in sexual perversion and drugs than Satan, and might better be seen as an early west-to-east psychonaut.

Josef Stalin

Stalin was widely considered to be the antichrist during the early red scare- causing evangelical tension in the west to increase rapidly. Communism was seen as inevitably atheistic and led to the inclusion of "In god we Trust" replacing "E Pluribus Unum" as the national motto of the USA, and later let to the election of such corrupt individuals as Thatcher and Reagan.

 Adolf Hitler

Along with Stalin, Hitler was widely regarded as the antichrist- seen in the west (wrongfully) as a pagan and devil worshiper, the actually Catholic Hitler was convoluted with Himmler's very real occult tendencies and is the subject of a great deal of modern conspiracy mongering on the subject- end times cults in the west grew rapidly under Hitler.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Kennedy is an odd claim for antichrist- but let us remember he was Catholic at a time when protestants ruled, and the protestants all believed he would bow to Rome and usher in a perverted theocracy. Oddly, Kennedy is very highly regarded amongst subversive communities due to his claims that he would expose a plot to enslave the people of the west, right before he was killed.

Anton LaVey

Anton LaVey was, not surprisingly, seen as the antichrist considering his founding of the "Church of Satan" in the mid 1960s. This primarily atheistic con man is still regarded as the father of modern devil worship despite his lack of interest in occultism- and despite the fact that he died decades ago he is still widely talked about as a false prophet.

Nikolas Schreck

My own favorite antichrist- this time an actual occultist rather than a political figure or atheistic carnival head. Despite his renunciation of the title "Satanist" and adoption of Buddhism, a surprising number of conspiracy theorists still refer to him as a Satanic priest and, sometimes, the antichrist, which is amusing.

Ronald Reagan

While Ronald Reagan is loved by tens of millions of former hippies as the materialistic savior of the western world and crusher of Communism, some eastern-inspired individuals saw through his corporate friendly smile and saw a slightly confused fascist warmonger- they included, sometimes, the title "antichrist" to describe his obvious corruption after Iran-Contra.

 Kim Il-Jong

Not surprisingly Kim was seen widely as the antichrist during the 1990s when everyone in the west thought he would nuke them while laughing- that his glorious "empire" had the economy of Haiti mixed with the leadership prowess of Yugoslavia apparently was never widely understood- his son has of course followed in his fathers' footsteps.

Osama Bin Laden

Osama, of 9/11 fame, was at first well liked by the west, as a potent guerrilla fighter trained and supplied by the CIA with weapons and munitions to fight off the Soviets, but after 9/11 he was understandably cast as a demon from the deserts who would attempt genocide from the other side of the world- it was never truly explained how people believed he would accomplish this supposed task.


While George W Bush was seen as the savior of mankind shortly after 9/11, within a few years of the beginning of the War in Iraq, he switched places with Osama and was seen not only as corrupt, but the main antagonist of what some believed would be the final war.

Barack Obama

The first black president was a bit too much for some to stomach- along with his expansion of authoritarian policies on US soil and off of it, libertarians and evangelicals, quick to score some political points, love to call him the antichrist.

Pope Francis

Although protestants have always considered the pope at the very least a false prophet, the culmination of the prophecy of the popes has resulted in much increased chatter about how the new pope is the antichrist himself, and recent news of his private views regarding homosexuality have only fueled the fire.

Nero Caesar AKA 666

The real antichrist that so many christians overlook due to their modernistic interpretation of Revelations, a document that actually refers retrospectively to the fall of Rome and growing tyrannical moves towards Jews and Christians by the emperor. A few christians understand this and have given up waiting for the four horsemen which will never arrive.

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