Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bashar Al Assad in North Korea March 8th 2013

 Screen Capture from the Broadcast, Presumably Assad in center with what appears to be another Syrian officer on the left.

Al Assad

 (This feed is sporadically online, most commonly after 4:30 PM Eastern Standard, until about midnight.)

It seems everyone's favorite maniac Bashar Al Assad was watching the speeches on March 8th a bit more closely than most of us- at one point, while the North Korean TV station was panning over the crowd, Assad could be briefly seen looking on at the parade and other ceremonies.

This is slightly surprising given the state of affairs in Syria- with rebels continuously harassing and attacking targets there one would think a concerned Assad would be stationed there monitoring his forces nearly constantly.

However, Assad seems to be unconcerned as he took time out of his schedule to fly across the entire continent of Asia to North Korea to watch Kim and other party officials deliver obviously angry messages. We have to wonder if Assad really feels threatened by rebels if he was willing to travel so far.

Although I cannot vouch for the translations made, the site I was on at the time included one individual who did his best to translate the material, indicating that Kim called up the reserves and sent the troops home to eat a full meal saying they would soon be at war.

While North Korea has a tendency to threaten the western world on a fairly regular basis, this may be the first time he has actively told his people to anticipate a ground invasion.

The North Korean feed will be embedded into this blog as a link for others to use.

Also of note: The station has multiple music videos in between segments which vary from news reports to speeches to, apparently, some sort of nature show- these music videos invariably feature images from the Korean War or else pictures or footage of soldiers training. One video appeared to depict groups of female soldiers frolicking in a field full of flowers to a mariachi tune while the camera panned over artillery pieces and tanks.

Very weird station indeed.

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