Saturday, March 23, 2013

South African White Genocide

The western media has been all but complicit in helping the marxist government of South Africa raze rural white buildings and kill its white citizens (dozens every day) for decades- this should come as no surprise- primarily because western media outlets (and most media outlets in South Africa itself) rarely report on such crimes.

It is considered politically incorrect in most European nations and most parts of the United States to suggest that racism and genocide can be committed against and not just by white individuals.

This is especially funny when one takes the following scenario- of a white person which gets called racist for mistakenly calling a Chinese person oriental ("there are different groups within Asia!") while it's completely acceptable to label all people with light skin simply, "white" as though they did not have different origins (Irish, Italian, Greek, etc.)

This bizarre double standard is quite amusing- go onto any sufficiently liberal site and try to talk about reverse racism against whites and see how long it takes before dozens of people make the claim (and this is not a joke by the way) that it isn't possible to be racist against whites.

Their rationale is essentially, that whites compose a majority, that the majority group alone is capable of being oppressive, and that whites are a privileged group, with more money and power as an aggregate or average, than other groups.

That both Jews and Asians are more wealthy on average apparently goes unnoticed in the western world- ironically as I write these words I have to be mindful that there will be those who see this post and automatically assume I am thus racist, sexist, homophobic, and a gun toting bible thumping bigot.

Which is extra hilarious when absolutely none of these prepackaged stereotypes actually applies to me- and it's always amusing that they themselves feel entitled to spew racism at whites (especially white males) merely because they comprise some sort of arbitrarily special, privileged majority group, that never actually existed.

I submit that this is a racial misrepresentation of the aggregate of wealth- and that the truly privileged are merely those who come from a wealthy background, and trust me that level of privileged wealth is just as far from most white males in the western world as any other group- for the elite is not racist, they are merely rich and feel they are better than the plebeians below them, not because of race but because they collectively own all means of production.

On the topic of South Africa it's hilarious to review music from the 1980s such as "Free Nelson Mandela" by The Special AKA, or "South Africa" by the New Scientists, protest songs attempting to generate hate of apartheid (which I think we can agree is a good thing) but in so doing, supporting a vaguely terroristic organization, the ANC, which was implicated in bombings and other terrorist activities towards hapless white citizens and non-ANC black citizens alike- but you never really heard anyone in the west complain about this behavior, as they merely wanted to end apartheid regardless of the cost to citizens who were never racist to begin with and had no hand in developing apartheid either.

It's rather sad that in foreign lands it is considered okay to kill whites and not call it genocide, despite the fact that it fits the dictionary definition of genocide in the first place.


The deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

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