Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis: The Black Pope, End Times, Apocalypse

More "coincidences"

As I have pointed out repeatedly, the election of the 112th and "final" pope is of great occult significance, but as great interest has been generated in literally the last 5 minutes or so about the topic on this blog I figured I'd post again repeating some of my prior points of interest.

1. 112 is an occult number- Malachy did not author the popes prophecy- rather it was authored by a renaissance era occultist- 112 in kabbalah represents the highest attainable level of mystical power.

2. The pope prophecy roughly mirrors the mayan baktun 2 referring to the period 2012 to 2032, stating that during this period would be, in part, an end of the word of god.

3. It also roughly mirrors gotterdamerung or ragnarok in that it refers not to a literal end to the world, but to a metaphorical end as in, of a religion, a thought, a practice, or an age.

4. This has been predicted by eastern Tantrics through the reference of Kali Yuga for 5,000 years or more.

Take heart though- change is coming, and this change will be metaphysically and mystically important, but it will not be, for example, the coming of Satan.


  1. What R we gonna do when the 113th pope gets elected? haha
    Dear Styx...6,
    I like how you point towards metaphysical change, although hard to believe with an archconservative dude like Francis 1.
    What about the Malachy business that Rome will no longer exist?
    Curious in Cali

    1. I can only hope that the prediction comes true, firstly to alleviate the sheer boredom of the masses and secondly to destroy the great evil of the papacy.

  2. Black on the old days not only meant the color, but something uncleansed, impure, evil . This pope is envolved with Argentina Dictatorship, personaly responsable for kidnapping of other members of his order and the kidnap of a child by the regime.
    Not only that, his "jesuit", a order who is mark by members who use black. In the media i heard 2-3 times that we have a pope who weres the black cloth.
    Francisco also have a reputation of being a strong person, a populist and a fierce enemie. You can see it in his eyes, his not like the other popes, his the one whos gonna pull strings.