Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8th Update

For those wondering about the last two weeks without any updates, pdfs, news, etc, this is primarily the result, as before, of my writing projects- with a half dozen more booklet length pieces, and another full length work completed or underway, as well as a very important and intensive project which I hope to complete in several weeks.

As time goes on a great deal of effort will likely be expended finding new subjects and thus publishers to add to my repertoire, both to make cash (part of which goes towards this blog in the form of new material to archive as pdfs!) and to get my own ideas out there after a certain time of writing about subjects people are already used to.

In other news- I have identified about 50 different booklets/books I'd like to archive here on the blog and, while I do not have enough money on paypal for all of them, I am going to try to obtain at least half of them- their subjects range from metaphysics and theosophy to black magick, masonry, cults, and paranormal subjects.

Also as always to any fan who sees this, if you own any texts related to any of the subjects on the list of search terms that you are willing to sell, you can always shoot me a message on Youtube.

Hail the black light!

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