Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Longer Forgotten Music

I have hosted a link to the 433rpm blog for some time now but hadn't gotten around to making an actual post for the blog itself.

This wonderful (and wildly successful) blog, operative since 2007, hosts several thousand downloads (most of which are active through depositfiles to this day) for obscure, hard to find, or generally underground music- covering genres which range from obscure punk or new wave, to ambient, funk, jazz, electronic, noise, and grindcore.

It's a very good site- some of the music there is so obscure it probably hasn't seen the light of day for decades- and there was a time when I uploaded a great deal of the material to Youtube but I ended up taking it down when Youtube persisted in their false copyright claims, as dubious companies claimed the material on behalf of artists, often claiming that the material was a song completely disparate from the actual title.

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