Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Respect for the Vatican

The largest waste of space and money on Earth

It's no surprise that a large proportion of self professed Catholics don't care about the Vatican as we observe the pure corruption of its hierarchy, and the woefully antiquated, inept ways in which it goes about business. Investigating the actions of the Catholic leadership shows us some astonishing reasons why nobody in their right mind would take a word they say seriously.

1. The Vatican condemns the use of condoms... in Sub Saharan Africa where the AIDS rate is at or above 15%, and in some cases 20%.

2. The fact that the Italian mafia is hand in glove marching with the clergy is a sort of open secret in the world- with expensive and exclusive tomb areas often being used for the burial of high level mobsters, including one who has now been exhumed to search the coffin for evidence pertaining to the disappearance of a girl which may be tied to a vicar in the Vatican itself.

3. Anyone who even touched on the vatileaks case and the supreme leader's orders to cardinals to compile a report on priest sex abuse and alleged money laundering at the vatican bank has to be slightly suspicious that he decided to step down as pope shortly after he read it.

4. One of the major symbols of Catholicism used in propaganda, Mother Teresa, was essentially a faith healing charlatan that withheld actual medical treatment from patients, instead ordering nuns to pray for the sick, letting them die painfully... it has also been alleged that the mentally ill were treated with even more dubious vigor, being chained to their beds when a simple dose of antipsychotics would have treated their illnesses.

5. The church lavishes homosexuals with intense waves of abuse through, especially, politically dubious figures such as Cardinal Dolan, all while rumors of a secret ring of homosexual priests and their call boy lovers circulates.

6. The now former pope seems to have been chosen for the papacy under only the most dubious of circumstances, having been directly in charge of overseeing sex abuse investigations from the year 2001, to the beginning of his papacy in 2005.

7. The rife levels of corruption within the Vatican essentially make it impossible (or at least improbable) that any pope elected by the cardinals will not be part of the larger corpus of corrupt cardinals that are already in conclave as we speak- that is to say that it's unlikely there are enough cardinals in the conclave left that aren't tied either to a political figure or mafia don to override the wishes of those that are- and thus the next pope will be a figurehead with very little actual power, overseeing essentially the wishes of an oligarchic group of crime-addled, greedy conservatives that will continue, as all previous popes seem to have done, policies of bigotry, disharmony, and corruption.

8. Of note; that the one pope of the last century that seems to have actually been an honest individual (Pope John Paul I) with somewhat progressive policies, died under suspicious circumstances just 33 days into his reign, with evidence disappearing, and scandals involving the Vatican Bank one likely culprit as to why anyone would be motivated to kill him.

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