Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope Supported Civil Unions?

In what may be a groundbreaking claim, it seems the pope may not be so homophobic after all.

Marcelo Marquez, an Argentinian activist, claims the pope (then a cardinal) called him on the phone during Argentina's debate over gay marriage, saying he actually supported gay rights and civil unions, but merely felt, "Argentina was not ready for gay marriage" at the time.

If this is true, I have two main comments:

1. It shows this pope is not quite as out of the loop as his predecessors and might be far less religious than Catholics expect from their head honcho.

2. It essentially nullifies church doctrine on the subject purely because church doctrine is largely alterable by the pope.

It could, if confirmed as true, cause a schism- exactly the type of event I myself predicted and believed would happen during the early wee hours of his tenure- and there is no realistic reason why this activist would lie and possibly get himself slaughtered by fanatic Argentinian Catholics for defaming the pontiff.

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