Sunday, March 10, 2013

Refuting Angelo Scola's "Satanic Rites in the Church's Judgement” PDF Download

Angelo Scola, considered one of about 4 serious contenders for pope, and narrowly in the lead for pope overall amongst oddsmakers, has neither been implicated in any scandals nor blacklisted for involvement with sex abuse coverups at any level.

As such, he has mostly received positive feedback from the media, which sees a less corrupt, somewhat more culturally progressive possible pope in him (than Ratzinger or Turkson certainly.)

However, a bit of digging unveils one of his previously authored essays, from the late 1990s, which regards "Satanic Cults" and "Witchcraft" from a seemingly official stance.

That his authored views on the subject are deeply in error and have no basis in real occult study is obvious, and what is more obvious is that any pagan or humanist who believes this individual is "progressive" is fooling themselves- in fact, his text might as well be placed among the canon of the late Satanic Panic era as vaguely dangerous mumbo jumbo which seeks a "middle ground" between superstition and logic, rather than simply understanding that church doctrine on the subject of Satanic ritualism (which is any ritualism outside of Abrahamism) is woefully inadequate.

I have thus authored this short essay in refutation of his own text, and it is presented here for download. You may rehost this material however you wish as long as it appears in unaltered form and is not monetized in any way.

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