Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Mayan Doomsday, Petrus Romanus, Kali Yuga, Ragnarok, Gotterdamerung, End Times


The concept of an end time goes back thousands of years- one of the earliest mentions comes from Rome, but following the collapse of the Roman Empire a proliferation of such predictions has taken place, culminating with an almost obsessive fascination with apocalyptic texts, predictions, and scenarios in the modern age.

While most are quick to shrug off the significance of such predictions others feel confirmed in their belief that the end is nigh- and I will explain here my own findings on the topic in several parts.

1. A great many prophecies and predictions from completely disparate cultures, observing a great number of mystic and scientific phenomena, point to our current time as the "end times."

2. Most of these predictions deal not with a literal end IE by fire or sword, but rather it being a celestially or mystically significant time or time period in which dramatic change will occur.

3. These predictions have come from sources that, at least retrospectively, seem to have correctly predicted other phenomena.

4. While skeptics claim the predictions seem correct only due to their being vague in nature, it is both claimed and possible that this vague nature is a deliberate attempt by skilled mystics to not tell the population exact events so as not to perhaps influence events themselves.

We can point to several major predictions which take place in the current age.

1. The Mayan prophecies- not the idea of December 21st of last year being the date at which time ends, but rather their cycle of baktuns- for which 2012 to 2032 is predicted as such:

"For half there will be food, for others misfortunes. A time for the end of the word of god. A time for uniting for a cause."

2. The Kali Yuga cycle in eastern traditions that states that recently we have begun the descending movement into the iron or "low" age in which spirituality lacks, and in which familial and social ties become strained or absent.

3. Saint Malachy's prophecy regarding the 112 popes, culminating with whoever happens to be elected currently as the 112th and final pope as Rome falls.

4. The biblical prophecy of revelation stating 144,000 will be left upon the end times, and that various problems will plague mankind.

We can synthesize these mystical predictions into one and draw a more adequate conclusion- these four predictions come from three totally culturally separate groups (the Mayan pagans, the European christians, and the Hindus/Buddhists of Asia.) What is important here is that we notice two things at play which most overlook.

1. The end times are not a true end but merely part of a time cycle, upon which time repeats and events are influenced by cosmic forces.

2. None of these writings are completely literal but all contain numeric symbolism.

Let us examine some truths.

Firstly- Saint Malachy did not write the prophecy of the popes- it was written not in the 1000s AD but centuries later during the renaissance- I am of the belief that a skilled mystic wrote it, considering the number 112 is numerically significant and in the occult tradition of Kabbalah pertains to achieving the highest level of mystical awareness. The author was, in fact, stating that there was occult and mystic influence over existence and time culminating at the current age.

Secondly- the number 144,000 has additional significance- it is derived from 12,000 from each of 12 tribes of Israel- but 12 is significant in that it is astronomical- Revelation is a steganographic, symbolic text that is also occult in nature, and describes solar movements and the twelve calendar months, extrapolating them to predict the fall of ancient (and modern) Rome in the guise of the Vatican, a symbol of western, abrahamic religion.

So the truth of the end times are as follows, and this is the best literal interpretation which I can give of the multicultural significance of such predictions.

1. We are currently entering a new age. (We see this as evident with technology and social progress altering from linear to exponential in the last decade or so.)

2. This age is not predicted to pertain to the extinction of man or of the planet but to pertain to the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

3. In this age spirituality will decrease in scope to a level comparable to any sufficiently secular culture (which may be seen as good or bad depending upon who you ask, but we can already see this at work- such decreases in spirituality began roughly 20 years ago on the previous baktun.)

4. Environmental changes, manmade and/or cosmic, will take place- they will be detrimental to part of mankind but either neutral towards the rest of the world or perhaps even beneficial. (We see this already with natural disasters ravaging certain areas, and with technology promising to alleviate famine particularly through soil and botanical studies.)

5. Cultures and governments will be variously affected- changing hands (as we see happening with regularity not seen since the fall of Rome) or changing traditions.

6. The Vatican at Rome will be central or peripheral to events (as we also see happening as scandal hits the church.) These changes will likely take place in the next 20 years under the new pope.

What is of penultimate importance here is that mankind can use these cycles to his advantage- for any time change occurs man is capable, if he uses his ingenuity, to alter events to bring about positive change- making lemonade out of lifes' lemons so to speak.

What is also of importance is that there will be those who resist this spiritual degradation, in which the population is split between atheistic skeptics, and religiously fanatic right hand path sheep, and who continue to, openly or in secret, practice the ancient ways and teach those ways to others who are capable of understanding them.

"Those who begin by burning books will end by burning men."


  1. Amen to your commentary

    The core message of the Christ is that each individual develop a personal relationship with God, by voluntarily coming out of darkness ("ignorance of God") into light ("spiritual enlightenment and union with God").

    Through this profound change in oneself the physical world becomes secondary and one's focus becomes on self development and love for others. Each one of us then becomes an agent of God, allowing God to manifest His Word and Will THROUGH us. (see John 3:17)

    The transformation of individuals must be wholly self-motivated - ie we must "want" to change ourselves. (Jesus commanded us "be ye perfect")

    In this process the Church is intended to provide only guidance - not control.

    When goodness ("righteousness") substitutes for badness ("evil"), when knowledge replaces ignorance, when we are driven by understanding of God's expectations for us, a profound change occurs in our outlook and behaviour.

    To me the prophecies always remind us of this and warn us of the consequences of abandoning the spiritual life for a carnal life in pursuit of self-interest and self-satisfaction.

    The treadmill of history will simply continue in its same manner until such time as humans relate to God and each other in the way God has instructed us (through His prophets and through our conscience).

    Since our behaviour is a consequence of our attitudes and standards, nothing can change until WE change.

    Meanwhile all must be in balance, so when imbalance is present a correction is required

    Since prophecy eminates from God ("the Word") it follows that God knows in advance what we will be individually and collectively doing long before we do it. So in that sense, prophecy is a warning to us all.

    Thus the prophecies warn the destruction of Rome is a consequence of a downward spiral in the Church's morality and conduct.

    But that physical destructionof itself will not necessarily change the church. Since the church is a body of people, such change can only come from those who comprise it.

    1. I don't believe in all that morality mumbo jumbo- the point of my articles here is mainly to point out the left hand path, mystic connections of these predictions and events.