Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis: The Prophecy of the Popes (Saint Malachy)

The dark ages... Are on us again
The dark ages... So bring out your dead
The dark ages... This could be the end
Will we survive? These dark ages?

-Radio Werewolf, "Dark Ages"

As I explained previously the author of the prophecy of the popes was not Saint Malachy and this is well recognized- however as I also explained, to overlook it as a playful forgery is ridiculous given the obviously occult significance of the number 112 as it refers to the mystic and the occult.

Pope Francis, as a jesuit, is in essence part of a military-minded order- an order dedicated to defending the ways of Catholicism and (let's face it) most likely various beliefs and views held by the jesuit order, which may be secret even to the Vatican itself.

That Benedict resigned shortly after reading a report on church abuse and money laundering was almost utterly overlooked by the media- it isn't unlikely that the sheer magnitude of events that he suddenly was confronted with overwhelmed him- perhaps he realized the church would be hit with such scandal and decided to make himself immune from public scrutiny, or perhaps he is more honest than we all thought and decided to let someone else try to fight the corruption he felt unable to combat.

Also let us remember that Pope John Paul I was killed 33 days into his papacy- anyone who believes that he died of any sort of natural causes has to be a raving lunatic, especially when at least one other person there died mysteriously around the same time.

The Catholic church is enveloped with scandal- even back in the early 2000s when priest abuse first began getting large scale coverage none of us could have imagined the church would also later be charged with money laundering, ties to the mafia, or covering up various deaths.

Things are about to change- and the church is about to be revealed for the edifice of lies that it is- let us not mourn its passing.


  1. As Jesus stated in the Gospels, the gates of Hell will never prevail against my Church. The Catholic Church has stood the test of time, 2000 years. There have been various scandals over the centuries but the Church survived and continued on.

    1. The gospels are meaningless- and you obviously do not know how to interpret them except based on blind obedience.

    2. Actually the "Catholic Church" didn't exist until the 4th century. The closest thing to the original are the non denominational churches.

    3. @styxhexenhammer666 The Gospels are not meaningless--if they were, there would be no "correct" way to interpret, as you seem to say.

      I got Jesus, so what do you got? Just a hate for organized religion as shown from this article. How could you say the Gospels, part of organized religion, are meaningless, yet through your folly, you accept this unconfirmed prophecy (not that I'm saying I don't have my own suspicions about it.)

      I apologize, for it is not my place to come onto your blog to judge and insult you, but I must try to combat your ignorance and blind hate.

      If your are a true Christian, please do not worry about the prophecy, because when the end of the world comes by, and God judges, if i was to spend my last days trying to "predict" God's plan, I will have less to show then if I were to have a true conversion to Jesus Christ in our wonderful religion. (Protestant, Catholic--hey, we're all Christians.)

      Thanks, and once again, i apologize for the disrespect if any i brought upon you,

      (Also, in response to "Anonymous'" comment about the catholic church not existing until the 4th century--it did, it just wasnt called the catholic church until then, i think. Dont take my word on tht one. Nondenominational churches are even younger than the "Catholic Church.")

    4. What rubbish the ignorant write. The authority of the Catholic church is not based upon the exemplary behaviour of priests or prelates, and never has been, but on the authority of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - on Christ, who is Head of the Church. There have always been sinners in the Church. Even in Christ's human life we had Judas.Jesus said the world hated him and would hate his followers, and you are an example of this. He also said that you are either for him or against him, and that if you attack his Church you attack Him. Those who disown Him He will disown. Beware of what you write and do not drag others to perdition with ignorance and hatred of Christ and His Church.

    5. You had best hope Jesus does NOT come back- I believe he would have some choice words for the papacy that they would likely not like to hear.

      I will write what I wish- I already know the truth, you are stuck in worshiping robed old corrupt men as though they were morally superior.

      Never was there an honest priest- they all lie to themselves and to their flock, to prop up their bigotry and vileness.

      I condemn your entire church.

    6. As for your all loving deity casting people into hellfire- that's just fine.

      I wouldn't worship such a corrupt, insane tyrant of a god in the first place.

    7. Such a lost soul...

      News flash: Nobody has ever the said the Pope is some sinless figure as close to divine as you can get.

      Every organized religion has its dark days, but its not about the men who rule but the teachings and such that is the foundation of the religion itself.

      People choose their own fate--God doesn't say, "You're not at least 5'2"? I dont love you. Your going to hell" God lets you pick if you want to reign with him in Heaven or burn without him in Hell. Its your choice. God even loves those in Hell, he just hates what they have done. God loves unconditionally.

      We do not worship the corrupt men of our Church.

      Please watch what you say. And watch what you believe.

      We follow God, so isn't that all that matter?

      Please repent. You are so lost and I will pray that you and all those like you will find their way.

    8. Go ahead and talk to your nonexistent jew in the sky on my behalf- meanwhile I will do the critical thinking for both of us.

      Hail Thor!

    9. The Roman Catholic Church didn't exist in its present form until c.800-1054, when it gradually broke communion with the four other patriarchates which became known as the Orthodox churches. The early church was a collegial system, it never had the Pope as an infallible "head of the church", just a first amongst equals - that's the whole reason the Seven Ecumenical Councils were called, because there was no Pope who could just decree things "ex cathedra" like that.

  2. luciferrising7 ak6661March 13, 2013 at 6:25 PM

    Hopefully this will be the end of the whole Christian charade so Eternal Truth may rise again; *616

  3. luciferrising7 ak6661March 13, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    You know as well as I the Vatican will be destroyed by light(truth) as Illuminati prophecy so states may it destroy the whole false religion and begin the war against your false "saints"; as you know Christ will destroy them and the kingdom of Lucifer shall never parish again.