Saturday, March 9, 2013

Timothy Dolan For Pope?

Thankfully unlikely.

I have been keeping obsessively up to date about the Catholic conclave for pope, with workers currently erecting the special, magical chimney out of which will come a puff of totally non-Rastafarian smoke heralding the birth of gods next chosen representative for the planet.

Alarmingly, an increasing number of Americans (both in the right wing AKA mainstream media) and within the populous, are clamoring for Dolan I, which should chill anyone to the bone given his political agenda and almost painfully obvious ties to the Republican Party.

While some contend that Dolan is a longshot we have to remember that, increasingly, cardinals are coming from the Americas- and Dolan will likely have substantial early backing from Cardinals in the USA and more conservative Latin American locations.

We also have to remember that the Vatican is notorious for corrupt decisions- something Dolan ought to know a lot about, as he deliberately stalled negotiations while archbishop of Milwaukee, in regards to abuse allegations levied against over 100 clergy and staff by over 8,000 victims.

The ever grandstanding Dolan, who has made a minor career of giving interviews with FOX and other right-authoritarian groups, has been tapped by Notre Dame to speak at the next graduation- a happening which seems to have come as an unwelcome surprise to the majority of students there who- rightly so- have pointed out that he's likely to use it to push a traditionalist agenda.

Not surprisingly SNAP, or "Survivors Network of those who were Abused by Priests" has blacklisted Dolan along with 11 other cardinals- which the Vatican blasted, but which most reasonable people ought to applaud given the sheer number of abuse cases and the remarkably laid back attitude most cardinals and then-bishops had about such claims.

If Dolan is elected the supreme head pontiff emeritus poobah furher of Rome we can expect turbulent times as Dolan is backwards even by Catholic standards.

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