Monday, May 27, 2013

John Baer's Sons - Agricultural Almanac (1911) PDF Download

Although Almanacs are not technically occult or related texts, their inclusion of astrology, astronomical ideas, and (in this early period) frequently various pagan inclusions, is enough to warrant its inclusion in the archive.

The very first page starts with a lengthy set of observations regarding Mars, and its factor as a ruling planet, predicting a hot, dry year with excellent vineyard production, a huge rye crop, but lagging barley and apples.

It mentions various new vegetables and fruits, and contains one section on the use of alcohol engines and how they are superior to gasoline engines! It also contains a few jokes, anecdotes, poems, and a page of recipes.

Observe- although it was produced by christians, they had no problem with paganistic imagery, astrology, or pseudoscientific content- proof positive that todays churchianity has oddly strayed from progenitor christianity and even demonized it.

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