Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Black Knight Satellite

Time for something truly creepy that seems to fit in somewhat with the more Sumerian view of the development of society (and interestingly with the Bock Saga.)

There exists, in our upper atmosphere, a mysterious object referred to as the Black Knight Satellite, a fairly large (speculated at 30 meters long) object, which seems to occasionally broadcast shortwave-frequency signals, and which has (reportedly) been observed evading collision with other objects.

The story seems to have many dead ends and speculation- NASA supposedly attempted to censor images of the object (and NASA has indeed censored images in the past) and at least one person claims that in 2016, the government will go public with information about the supposed satellite or probe.

Of interest in the case:

1. One ham radio operator claims to have decoded one of its shortwave messages in the 1960s, claiming the code translates to a map of the Epsilon Boces star system.

2. The object is indeed in polar orbit- if it's artificial (and it was first detected in 1927 by Carl Stoermer) it would predate objects of that size being launched by mankind into orbit by decades. It would predate polar orbit capabilities by years as well.

3. It supposedly tailed both the first and second Sputnik tests.

4. In 1967 it may have crashed into the Sudanese desert, but it isn't clear if it's the same object.

There are numerous videos on Youtube showing pictures of the said object- NASA of course claims it is an asteroid, but it seems rather flat sided to be a natural formation.

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