Saturday, June 8, 2013

Impeach Barack Obama... Welcome to 1984 America

The two party system has now officially failed and become one party- they have abandoned the founding principles of the United States, and they have abandoned the population.

So we now are left with two choices- we can either abandon them and vote them out/ impeach them all, or we can watch the airplane of freedom crash down into the icy sea of statism.

Watching the mounting scandals from DC over the last few months, I have gone from "unimpressed" and "skeptical of wrongdoing" to "assured that the government has lost its marbles."

There are a few things we could do to help these problems.

1. Do away with the patriot act and all related legislation: all of it was based on reactionary fear and serves zero purpose. The surveillance system has stopped no terrorism and costs billions.

2. Push for lawmakers to specifically acknowledge the supremacy of privacy over surveillance without a properly issued, specific warrant. (In accordance with the fourth amendment.)

3. Force every incumbent to resign, or have them impeached. None of them deserve re-election as a result of their essentially treasonous behavior.

4. Reform campaign finance and get rid of super-PACS, PACS, and money from corporations, lobbyists, and unions in exchange for a system by which only individual citizens may donate to political campaigns, and that this would also have a limit to contribution size.


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