Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Varg Vikernes Arrested In France

The crazed marxists over in France have done it again- fresh on the heels of cracking down on "racist" tweets (any tweets made by folks who oppose islam or judaism) they have taken another step, harassing Varg Vikernes under suspicion of him "planning a massacre."

Why? Because his wife, who happens to have membership in a shooting club anyways, bought 4 rifles.

Showing the contrast between European and American culture, what would have seemed perfectly normal here is, apparently, appalling to the French, who must be terrified to have Varg in their midst to begin with.

Even funnier is the media over there calling Varg a nazi (which he is not) and a black metal artist (when his recent work is more ambient and atmospheric.)

Apparently Anders Bering Breivik mailed a copy of his manifesto to Varg, causing him to fall under suspicion (which is hilarious- apparently I can get you arrested in France by mailing you racially charged literature.)

But the bored government of France has nothing better to do than harass anyone who disagrees with their crazed views- as evidence by thousands of youtube channels foreign to France that, to French citizens, are inaccessible because their content is censored (including my own channel, because I oppose islam.)

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  1. Not a peep from the MSM toilet papers since Varg Vikernes and his wife were found to be innocent and released.