Friday, August 16, 2013

The NSA Spied on Americans Illegally Thousands of Times

Despite all of Washington DC swearing that the NSA spying would never be misused to target innocent Americans, it looks like they lied again- as the Washington Post has just shown through additional leaks that, in reality, several thousand people have been unfairly and unlawfully targeted by this broad, unconstitutional program.

Most paid shills (there are tens of thousands of drone sock accounts on the internet- bots that are run by small groups of authoritarians within the government- whose sole purpose is to enforce "American" ideals (unamerican ideals.)) will tell people that it's "okay because it's 'only' a few thousand infringements of the constitution.

And now let's have some liberty-promoting quotes.

Bush and Obama share the facet of being almost dichotomously opposed to every founding tenet of the United States.

Until last month most polls showed the majority of American citizens had no problem with domestic surveillance and the loss of liberty in exchange for security- how far the mighty have fallen.

Most people alive in the west today don't seem to comprehend the kind of suffering that is entailed by tyranny- because they have never experienced it.

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