Monday, December 23, 2013

Bayou Corne Sinkhole: Updates

Cracks in the protective berm, apparently following a previous repair, updated earlier today by the parish police jury on their blog here.

Things at the giant sinkhole in Bayou Corne Louisiana seem to be degrading further- firstly, as we see in the picture above posted on their police jury (a kind of council) blog, cracks have begun to appear in the protective berm surrounding the sinkhole, evidence that the area is continuing to undergo stress- additionally, the seismic monitoring is showing increases in microseismic activity.

Apparently, cracks are appearing in two locations- one of which had already cracked and been repaired before.

This video, posted months ago, purports to show wave activity in the sinkhole.

Also, through searching out material related to the sinkhole, I found the above video, posted 8 month ago- I can think of several reasons a sinkhole might have waves- possibly because these salt cavern systems are now connected to the ocean, possibly because they connect to a large underground body of water, and possibly because the area is under seismic stress, causing pressure changes in the fluid and other materials already under the ground (of note, this video was made back before the sinkhole drained the surrounding lake/pond/swampy area.)

In fact all of the activity there makes you wonder if there might be some underlying reason for the primary collapse of the salt cavern- maybe a new volcano or a recently spawned minor faultline or something.

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