Saturday, December 28, 2013

El Hierro Earthquake: Impending Eruption of New Volcano?

Swelling off the shore of the Canary Islands indicating fresh volcanic activity.

Things are heating up at the El Hierro site in the Canary Islands- the area was already volcanically and seismically active, but the fairly recently formed volcano off its shores is now growing, coinciding with a swarm of earthquakes over the last three days (at least 30 of which exceeded magnitude 3.0) and one larger, 5.1 (or 5.5) magnitude quake earlier today, which of course came with yet more smaller aftershocks.

Previously, in 2011, the still-underwater vents began to erupt, which caused evacuation, but at other times the volcanic center has begun to tremble, only to calm down again (it isn't clear that in those times, it was ever hit by a quake of this size.)

I have seen some claims that a major eruption/explosion could cause an area collapse, which would cause, inevitably, a tsunami of unknown size which could in theory hit all parts of the Atlantic coast- this is not known, but is worth considering as a possibility- should, for example, the area suddenly get hit by a 9.0 quake, or explode like Krakatoa, it might be worth moving inland for those who reside near the coast, regardless of what part of the Atlantic they reside within.
For the seismically obsessed, you can monitor world quake activity in near-real time here!

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