Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Predicting Earthquakes: Could Suspicious0bservers Have Cracked the Code?

Suspicious0bservers makes a compelling case.

If recent observations by Suspicious0bservers are to be believed, a combination of planetary alignments, coronal holes, and magnetism contributes heavily to the presence of large earthquakes here on Earth- this makes sense, seeing as how all of these affect gravity and other physical forces which may perturb highly pressurized or already dubiously stable plates of crust and the magma beneath them.

According to his work, a rather unsettling number of large earthquakes (7.0+ magnitude, capable of doing extensive damage) seem to coincide with fluctuations in the solar magnetic fields along with the presence of coronal holes and cosmic alignments- his evidence seems rather extensively researched, and it does seem to be, at the very least, a solid hypothesis with some theoretical evidence behind it.

Worrying is that right now, a rather large coronal hole is moving towards us (that is, as it moves, moving towards an Earth-facing direction) all while the sun's magnetic fields are fully flipped (and still unstable) all while (and this is pictured below) the Earth conjoins several other planets in a line- namely Jupiter and Venus, with the sun.

We also just experienced the sun releasing a rather large CME- which is Earth facing (and no, it won't wipe out all life or fry us all- it may however interfere with satellites and cell signals/shortwave broadcasts.)

The second part of this Sol-related worrying information is simply the vague possibility that the giant sunspot facing Earth right now could release a far larger blast of plasma at us, which actually would damage electronics.

For those who wish to monitor quake activity in near-real time

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