Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update: Upcoming Literary, Musical, and Other Projects

Now that this blog is more than a year old, it's time for some new announcements and pronouncements.

Firstly, that the occult archival project is still very much in full swing- I am in the process of sorting through the materials I have already scanned (or can't scan due to their size/shape) so that anything I don't intend to keep can be sold at a slight profit, allowing me to then obtain more booklets and other texts to scan for the blog- again, my goal is to continue this project possibly into eternity- I am also keeping an eye out for anything local I can purchase (you'd be surprised what you can get for 10 cents at a yard sale.) I feel that in its first year, archiving over 100 texts, I fulfilled, basically, my goals.

Secondly, I am working on several literary projects- the first, The Book of the Four Gates is going to be released by Nephilim Press, although I do not have an exact date of release. I have submitted my second work, Fruits of Eden: Herbalism and the Occult to another publisher- but I am awaiting their reply, and still have about 25 to 30 pages more material to write before it is complete (plus an extensive amount of artwork that would be necessary to sketch.)

I am also beginning work on a third book- which is a philosophical work dedicated to reforming, reshaping, and reimagining Satanism- as with Fruits of Eden I wanted to present something that was more comprehensive than the usual Satanic text, which covers either philosophy, or pragmatic approach, or antireligious fervor but rarely all three- I have already outlined its content but it's in its infancy- publishing this work may be slightly more complicated than with my first two works, however, because I intend to make use of an agent to try and get it to a much larger audience (as I believe the time has come for a mainstream work which more people will then be able to use in their own lives.)

Part of my reason for writing this is the continuous stream of people on Youtube that message me asking for help with sometimes complicated situations and feelings of guilt and fear- it is my desire to help everyone with these feelings, and it is not possible for me to teach them all everything I have learned on the subject, both from my life and my studies- it is necessary, then, to release the entire concept as a comprehensive philosophy which people can incorporate into their lives- my hope is that those I have already helped will serve as my adepts in this process to help spread the material.

I have dozens of outlines for other works all ready to go as well- I have enough ideas for texts to keep me busy for about 5 years at a bare minimum assuming I continue to write at a decent pace. (I find that I write far faster in warm weather, when I can do so outside.)

Some of my other ideas for books include; a study of abandoned towns in the United States, A compendium of exorcism practices from multiple cultures, A book about the importance of the internet within an occult context, and several fiction novels from multiple subgenres.

Thirdly, since my audience is already vast, and since I know that several hundred people have already said they will buy my works, whatever they may be, my hope is that this influx of money will allow me to purchase the equipment necessary to begin recording music (as in, music that goes beyond instrumental demos recorded on a webcam.) Again, I have a multitude of ideas for where this can go- my main interests being in ambient, darkwave, and experimental/spoken word, I think this can become a good side venture (which means additional money, and additional exposure.)

I am working on a few other secretive projects and experiments at this time as well.



  1. I've always been curious about your conversations with people who felt a need to ask you for advice, but never wanted to bother you by asking generally about the kinds of inquiries and advice of those conversations. I hope your book on converting to Satanism or other future writing tells some of that. I don't mean individual cases but the conversations in general. Perhaps better would be your personal experience with letting go of religious conditioning. I think it'll be interesting.

  2. Hi,Styxhexenhammer -I like ur Youtube vids (Don't always agree,but hey!) I'm a Secular Humanist Tweeter,with a side acct that will put out Individualistic philosophy & U've come out as the most articulate,well-meaning & intellectual of them. #Styxhexenhammer I look forward to ur books.I Tweet stonerrock(Kyuss) & Doom (Electric Wizard)so i hope ur band is good! AllTheBest & i also like/support ur Fukushima watching