Monday, May 12, 2014

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting: New Swabia, Admiral Byrd, and the Black Clad Legion

As the Antarctic ice begins its slow but catastrophic slide into the ocean, most of the world is focusing on the two to four feet of oceanic depth rise that will likely result from this massive chunk of material sloughing off and beginning to melt- an effect which will be far worse if a particularly large chunk breaks off quickly during this process, likely causing only the most catastrophic of tsunamis, capable of wiping out coastal areas far away from the source.

However, when I saw this news I was immediately reminded of the tale of New Swabia, an area of the Antarctic first explored in depth by, and also claimed by, the Third Reich.

Regardless of whether you believe nazi archaeology was basically Himmler's crackpot endeavor to find evidence linking modern Germany to Atlantis or some other ancient culture, or whether you think differently, the following is of importance.

What we know:

1. Adolf Hitler commissioned both the luftwaffe and, later, fleets of U-Boats to explore the coast and inland zones of the Antarctic ice; this was concluded with success, and Neuschwabenland (New Swabia) officially claimed by Germany.

2. The SS and Vril Society apparently thought this was as important as their finds in Tibet, Nepal, and the middle east, where Himmler's teams of archaeologists worked feverishly to explore ruins, jungles, caves, deserts, and were slowly exasperated by his apparently elevated and obsessive work ethic.

3. Towards the end of the war, SS units were observed to be moving various texts, artifacts, and so forth, to the last few safe ports and airstrips available all over areas still controlled by Germany, destination unknown.

4. German technology advanced during the war at a rate far faster than observed in any other culture at any other time in history; even the arguably insane Mengele later moved to South America (escaping capture and dying of natural causes) which gave rise to a population of German descent with an astronomically high rate of identical twins. The nazis did, in fact, either succeeded at building, or attempted to build a variety of weapons, technologies, and craft ahead of their time; atomic weapons, saucer shaped craft, new types of chemical weapons, eugenics-inspired medical technology, artillery systems the size of large buildings, jet engines, and even devices meant to allow time travel (see; the nazi bell.)

5. After the war U-Boats continued for months to be seen around Argentina and Brazil, some of which were captured en route, with the officers claiming they were on their way to Antarctica; why U-Boats would be operating long after the war had ended is not clear, and even stranger, their cargo was not treasure, armaments, or important officials, but often regular crews carrying large amounts of various texts and other relics.

6. Admiral Byrd led an expedition after the war, to the same area, in Operation Highjump in 1946 and 1947. Why the United States, still reeling from losses of war and with the world economy in shambles, felt it important to explore what had been considered an icy wasteland, is not clear; also not clear is why it was not only a military, as opposed to civilian, expedition, and why a large number of armed personnel and aircraft were brought along for the ride. Oddly, Byrd had organized a different expedition in the late 1930s before the world war began, exploring the area aided by 6 US tanks and various military vehicles, apparently exploring for mineral deposits.

Byrd's early 1940s expedition also involved this odd, massive vehicle; a snow cruiser with 10 foot wheels that makes a sherman tank look miniscule.

Even stranger, Byrd and company apparently left behind about 60 men to continue exploring; they seem not to be mentioned in any accounts from later on and presumably were either forgotten by the public or were left to starve in the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

The following documentaries, I believe, comes about as close to the truth as anyone has gotten on the matter; material on the internet and TV regarding all things Nazi is prevalent all over the world, yet somehow, conspicuously, the subject of nazi science and craft, and their various expeditions to far corners of the world, are lacking in number- this despite a near constant obsession with the topic in the 1950s and 1960s- even relegating sightings of cryptid lake creatures to nazi U-Boats (oddly many U-Boats that are not listed as having been sunk, are unaccounted for- some fled to Norway, some to Argentina or perhaps antarctica.)

We also know that through Operation Paperclip, Nazi scientists were brought to the United States and given amnesty as they worked for the US military, or less frequently, in defense related industries and organizations (including space exploration at NASA which might as well be said to have been founded and made possible by former Nazis.)

Sightings of saucer craft on the battlefields (foo fighters) during the second world war were common fairly early on; the captured Germans claimed they were unmanned; essentially an early type of drone, although it's also possible these confusing craft were piloted and nobody wanted to admit it.

When I see that Byrds expedition was military, that U-Boat officers swore Antarctica was inhabited, that nazi texts speak of various technology based on mysticism, and that the subject seems not to be spoken of even in most alternative media circles, I start to feel as though one of several things is true;

1. Perhaps the Nazis did either travel under or tunnel into the ice, and to the continent below; Antarctica is actually a landmass, and it does contain warm, fresh water springs and lakes, which could easily have carved out massive caverns and tunnels. It is possible these technologically advanced scientists and military personnel who had escaped, did indeed attack Byrd's flotilla in 1947 as is suggested. These Nazis could, by now, have developed a literal society under the ice.

2. Perhaps this is all true, except that most or all of the Nazis are all dead by now, having overestimated their ability to obtain food; the warm pockets could be host to various aquatic life, fungi, and perhaps life forms of a chemotrophic nature, but this may only sustain a small population, or none at all.

In either case, it is possible that areas under this melting ice are host to human remains as well as various texts and so forth, unless of course more secretive, post-Byrd missions have already requisitioned all present goods; in fact one might assume Byrd was there specifically to locate the subterranean Nazis and let the soldiers, with their tanks, eliminate them.

Interestingly, Russia openly speculates that the Nazis are still physically there.