Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yes, The Links are Down

It's easier to roast crustaceans than to get a file sharing service to remain usable

For those who have used this blog for its extensive archive- yes, I know that both links on every download are now not working anymore. Rapidshare, it seems, decided to become a paid service, and effectively said "fuck it" to people with legitimate out-of-copyright uploads.

I am not as easily dissuaded from my goals as some- I can remember that when megaupload got fucked up by the FBI years ago, a lot of blogs which had been dedicated to hosting underground black metal and esoteric music went belly-up and gave up at archiving music that the bands themselves had given permission to host. The same tends to be true of occult texts- a lot of them are so old they're under no copyright at all, and some appear never to have been copyrighted in any legal sense to begin with. The rest are all out of print and rare anyways, and the copyright standing of those works is in question.

As such, I'll be seeking out at least two new file sharing services to continue hosting the archive- I still have backups of the files and always will, so at least I don't have to go back and begin scanning and reformatting again. The occult archive will be restored (this will take some time.) I may attempt to standardize the entries and just delete all of those that are here currently, pacing myself and uploading perhaps one file per day, or I may pull an all-day task and try to get them all up at once.

For anyone following this blog with any regularity, who may know those interested in masonic, esoteric, and other similar works- please do spread word, the blog is not dead and never will be, although it has been in hibernation because I had nothing new to upload.

In time, this will change, and the archive will grow- while it's slower than I expected, I see bright things ahead.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ebola-Chan Image Collection: Pictures of Darkness

I decided to post my current collection of ebola-chan related images here both as backup and due to general interest increasing. For those unawares, ebola-chan is an anthropomorphic representation of the ebola virus, its spread in Africa, and multiple occult goals in propagating it spiritually and psychologically through propaganda and ritualism.