Monday, November 28, 2016

Gunpowder As A War Remedy (1915)

This strange work was written by John H Clarke, a rather colorful individual- a nationalist, doctor, and homeopath, in 1915.

It revolves around the apparent medicinal action of triple-titrated gunpowder- indeed, gunpowder, as a sulfurous material (early, black powder, as opposed to modern gunpowder types) is quite good at destroying bacteria. Charcoal itself is inert, while sulfur and saltpeter tend to be rather unfortunate surfaces for any microorganism to find itself in contact with.

It should be obviously stated that I do not condone the use of gunpowder elixirs to treat exposure to sewer gas or any other ailment.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I'll Be Cleaning Up and Reformatting This Blog

Over the next few days I hope to completely overhaul the design of this blog to reflect my newer standards of usefulness. It will take some time; obviously the sort of groups and sites which I support have also changed over time as well, so a major change in links will also occur.

Homeopathia (1847) Now Available

The first in a series of new works I hope to scan and archive for others to read for free is now available; a very old mid 19th century work on homeopathy.

This strange tract (which is only a few pages long, but in extremely small type) encourages bloodletting, among other things, as well as the then-common concept of dosage of herbal and other medicines being of import (the dose makes the poison!)

In the following days one or two more works will be archived as well.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'll Be On Red Ice Radio Tonight, Show Live at 5PM EST

I will be speaking briefly on the topic of memetics, occult synchronicity, and the alt-right (so termed) tonight on Red Ice Radio- an interesting media order which follows a less MSM-style format than some; the show begins live at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific. When I specifically call in through skype is as yet undetermined.