Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton Was Against Gay Rights Before She Was For Them

Hillary Clinton recently came out to say she supported a supreme court decision affirming the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry. How odd, I thought, since she was staunchly against it when she was a Senator back in the mid 2000s.

From this we can glean several possible explanations as to her "evolution" (blatant changing) of views.

First, it's possible she was always for gay rights and is simply a coward who realized the issue was too unpopular back in the Bush era to raise.

Second, it's possible she was actually against them on a religious basis and still is but has decided that her opinion is no longer popular, so she's pretending to give a damn.

Third, perhaps she's just a con artist who has no real views at all and is simply trying to make money. I think that's probably the most likely explanation for her flip flop and subsequent attempt to cover up her own moral failings.

I remain the only candidate truly dedicated to gay rights; I have always supported them, and was never a civil union supporting half-assed centrist like Hillary or most other Democrat shills from the same period, nor have I ever been a make believe bible thumper like some in the GOP. Rather I say; the government, in issuing marriage as a civil contract, has no legal right at any level to determine which consenting adults may apply for such a contract. Further, in the future, I fully expect polygamy and other arrangements involving more than just two partners to be recognized. I would not give a damn; because it does not affect me or anyone external to the same state contract.

Further I believe no genuine religious body (in their churches and syagogues and so forth) has any legal responsibility to perform gay marriage services; as the marriage itself is a contract and resides in the realm of state control, as opposed to a marital ceremony which is religious. Some churches, however, already recognize and perform such unions; namely the Unitarians, Episcopals, and Methodists.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Support My Campaign: Merchandise!

The campaign season is heating up and candidates are looking for all sorts of ways to get some cold hard cash so they can buy campaign ads and offshore their own cut to Cyprus or the Cayman Islands. I don't have million dollar Swiss accounts, as I am too honest; I promise to admit when I intend to steal people's money for my own pet projects. (I promise, as president, to put two cigar store indians in front of the White House for no reason other than my own amusement.)

Merchandise is here! You too can boldly proclaim yourself an acolyte of  the apocalypse with these smooth new tees, pledging your mind body and soul unreservedly to the cause of darkness.

This overbearingly honest tee states what other candidates are not willing to admit. They all want to start wars for profit, I just want to start a war to annihilate mankind!

I decided my formerly considered campaign mottos were actually pretty good. This one bears the truth on the obverse: "Better than the other losers"!

All merchandise related to my youtube page, my campaign, or anything else bearing the moniker "Styxhexenhammer666" or "Tarl Warwick" will be announced here if it is official. Any other merchandise is unofficial and is not to be considered representative of my views.

I'm Styxhexenhammer, and I approve this message!

Monday, April 13, 2015

I Announce My Candidacy for the US Presidency

As the electoral season approaches, I thought it was about time to throw my hat into the ring for the US presidency. Sure, I'm technically ineligible because of my age, but that hasn't stopped Ted Cruz (A Canadian) or Hillary Clinton (and her obvious unlawful practices during her lawyer years) from running, so I figure at this point campaign law is a suggestion rather than a requirement.

I am running on the Bull Moose platform; the platform of real progressives before they quickly got subsumed in partisan bickering, back a century ago when they actually cared about quality of life and maintaining US economic prowess. As such, I introduce my platforms here.

1. Censorship and surveillance must be done away with by any means necessary. If it requires executive orders to defund related agencies, so be it. If it requires mobilizing the US military to forcibly requisition their servers and papers, so be it. The FCC, NSA, and TSA will be abolished under my leadership. Other bureaus will be reviewed by independent groups formed by the executive branch.

2. Immigration is a hellhole of bureaucratic ineffectiveness and needs desperate reform. I am willing to give the GOP their border wall and the Democrats their partial amnesty under the condition that they give me what I want; reforming the process to make it far cheaper and easier, and fast tracked for those who are skilled, educated, intend to join the US armed forces, or who are romantically involved in a lasting relationship with a US citizen or resident. Family members of citizens may also be fast tracked. Immigration control will be geared towards ensuring the immigrant is not a criminal, and does not suffer from communicable disease.

3. Monopolistic business endeavors have caused economic mayhem, not the free market; the free market is no longer free because interventionist-backed corporate monopolies stifle capitalistic competition. I will bust them up and force real competition back into the system, reforming business taxes to favor the business itself rather than protect their owners and CEOs by focusing instead on capitol gains and especially taxing overseas holdings. This will raise wages and lower costs while also severely increasing GDP.

4. To encourage green energy, all permit costs, regulatory costs, and bureaucratic costs associated with the manufacture, distribution, purchasing, or installation of solar panels, gas generators, passive solar systems, geothermal taps, and wind turbines will be removed.

5. Campaign finance reform is needed for a free and functioning democratic republic. Corporate, lobbyist, bureaucratic, unionist, and foreign donations will be banned and replaced with a combination system allowing limited public funding, and capped per-person donations for campaigns. PACs and super PACs will also be banned. Citizens United will be repealed and a constitutional amendment used to permanently reform the political system to bring back true representative government.

6. The United States shall adopt a second Monroe Doctrine, specifically focusing foreign doctrine on uniting the American hemisphere and preventing all foreign meddling or internal fighting here in our part of the world. All other alliances and trade deals shall be considered secondary in importance. I will strive to cause all American states to trade freely, associate amicably, and sign the reciprocal defense treaty, specifically because states with power who attempt to lean on their neighbors by force tend to lose allies and trade deals over time, as Russia and China have.

7. Some Federal lands, which would otherwise be developed by corporations, will instead be developed by a new homestead act, freeing up millions of acres of land which would have been settled anyways, for private ownership. Qualified citizens who wish to farm or otherwise make use of the productivity of this land will apply for a position doing so. This will prevent overcrowding from immigration into larger metropolitan areas that are straining to grow, and severely increase economic growth.

8. A comprehensive domestic defense policy shall be implemented, consisting of the abolition of bans on firearms and other weapons, body armor, and all related paraphernalia. High schools, which are educational facilities, will do away with gym class and instead teach martial arts along with marksmanship and field medicine.

9. All politicians' salaries will be capped at 400% of median income, to be adjusted annually for inflation.

10. Police to be reasserted as simply citizens without special legal rights, and will be subject to criminal investigation by citizen committee. In all cases of a possible felonious act, the officer(s) shall be immediately relieved of duty pending trial. All police forces must return military goods to the US military for use or sale to allies. Cities banned from declaring martial law. All officer training must include a basic primer of civil and human rights; prohibition of torture, preservation of access to legal council, and allowance of citizens to film officers at all times along with other topics, shall be covered extensively.

These are of course not my only platforms, however this suffices as a basic introduction to my campaign. I briefly considered using the slogan "Because I'm the lesser of all evils" or "The least crappy candidate" or "I promise to at least tell you before I steal from you and then only to steal a little bit" but I think "For a Better Tomorrow" is probably more appropriate.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces Run for President: The 90s Called they Want their Lukewarm Liberalism Back

Hillary Clinton looking characteristically enthralled and excited.

"Lack of change you can believe in" should be the motto of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Her staffers and hard-line fans will tell you that here is a true opportunity for change; after all, Hillary is female, and apparently this alone qualifies her- let alone that these same individuals crucified (deservingly) Sarah Palin, who was as dumb as a rock not because she was a woman but because she was an out of touch evangelocon Alaskan who felt her minor political standing qualified her to be VP as she largely ignored poor John McCain and did her own thing, repeatedly embarrassing herself.

No, I will not be gulled into supporting Hillary; and here's why- she quite literally brings nothing new to the table. Everyone is well aware that Washington is malfunctioning and filled with gridlock- the latter doesn't really matter much because between the out of touch lunatics in the further reaches of the tea party and the out of touch corporatists in the establishment left, any law they pass will probably be worthless anyways.

Hillary is female; yippee, she happens to have two X chromosomes. Since when does this qualify her? She's still white, old, and rich, she's still a Washington insider, hell she's even been in the white house before and probably had arguably too much control when she was, for while Bubba Bill was an exceptional statesman and master of debating he was also a gregarious philanderer who could have well fallen for a foreign espionage agent and divulged state secrets if left to his own devices without Hillary to micromanage his schedule and scrutinize every woman he was around.

Honestly I'm surprised she's even running since the Democratic Party made it clear she was not wanted back in 2008 when Obama swept votes right out from under her platform; the fact that she was an establishment Democrat didn't bode well for her, and it bodes even more poorly now, since the increasingly disenfranchised youth vote is swinging back to the right, where Rand Paul is sponging up even those from the far left who are tired of the DNC playing Bush-lite. And that's what Hillary is; Bush-lite. She voted for the Iraq war, she engages in directly sexist haranguing to debate opponents, and she's altogether about the most passive aggressive character in all of DC, whose silence is arguably worse than her criticism.

We don't need more of the same from DC. True, the Republicans have yet to offer an alternative other than Rand, who is at least modestly reformist; and even he has quirks I deeply dislike, such as his stance on abortion (which is a dead issue and has been since Roe v. Wade.) In lieu of a proper reformer actually willing to crush the police state and the surveillance apparatus and swear off foreign adventurism (Hillary is certainly not such a candidate) I'm likely to join millions of others and just vote libertarian; Rand has a hope in my book if he gives up abortion and Iran as issues and focuses more on debilitating the NSA and similar bureaus and constraining them to the constitution as was originally intended in the days of old before most of these agencies even existed.

Hillary's staff have already announced (in typical threat-not-threat passive aggressive form) that they will be "on the lookout for coded sexism" from the media and any other critics. Small surprise that she'd be criticized, since she has absolutely no new ideas other than waging a gender war in the name of votes; I like to think the average woman is intelligent enough to realize that multi-millionaire, near-septuagenarian Hillary Clinton with her limousines and caviar is "probably not a doppelganger for the average woman"- in fact she has no clue what it's like to be an average female, because she was born into wealth and has always been extravagantly rich and extremely privileged to be so. The average citizen would have more in common than the often-aloof Obama than with Hillary; his measure of wealth was far lower when he first ran.

And it's also true that the DNC hates Hillary to death since her hit list was revealed some time ago; essentially a list of Democrats she felt did her wrong and wanted revenge on. This wouldn't have been as much of a problem if it wasn't a laundry list of "Most Democrats in DC."

In truth, Hillary is a representative of the Mondale-to-Kerry era Democratic center; very rich candidates pretending to sympathize with the common man, always willing to stoop to identity politics and wedge issues to grab a few dishonest votes from the vast pool of single issue voters and partisans. Her main problem is simply this; back in the good old days the internet (especially Drudge) was the bane of Clintondom, how much more now that it's 2015 and the internet so much larger and more interconnected? And what of her reportedly dubious health? What about her email servers? What about all those weird pardons Bubba issued right before leaving office?

I hope she ends up dropping out as suddenly as she got in, because she's sure as hell not the kind of person we need leading the executive functions of government- regardless of her chromosomes.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

After the Ashes: Surviving the Coming Nuclear War

For those who have observed any of my more apocalyptic content, the issue has been on my mind for some time; observing the proxy wars and militarism spreading across the world does not make me hopeful for the future. To be sure, I am not predicting the certainty of a nuclear war in the immediate future, but merely an inevitable nuclear exchange of some time in the future; it could happen tomorrow or it could break out twenty years from now. The inevitability of nuclear war spurred me on to write this guide to survival. I realized that most extant guides are really more about how to survive a nuclear war and not how to persist and reorganize society after it has already happened.

This work solves that problem. It is 124 pages of post-apocalyptic material; it dwells first on why a nuclear war at some time in the future is probable (and perhaps imminent) rather than unlikely, then goes on not to just tell you to stockpile a few months' of canned goods and some iodine but to instruct on how to make life easier once reorganization begins- as it necessarily will. It also contains the basics of sanitation and waste disposal which most overlook as important, as well as suggesting outside material (such as Seton's excellent Book of Woodcraft and encourages the reader to study up on making other necessities such as soap and toothpaste which might be overlooked by anyone in such a war.

Beyond this it also gives philosophy regarding atomic war; especially how to hopefully avoid rearmament after such a war and why isolationism will not work for any group or person who wishes to survive very long and eventually see a brighter future. I recommend it alongside Seton's work and any other relevant information on electronics, food production, and various other types of labor (canning, pickling, fire making, construction, medicine) which would be important after the ashes fall.

This is the only book I will ever likely release with a glossy, bright cover- this was intentional, as after any nuclear exchange electricity will not be widespread and the readers' copy should be as reflective as possible so it can be found with haste should it be needed.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The War In Yemen Could Cause WWIII

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it; such has always been the case; the Germans attacking and invading the the Soviet Union during the second world war, a bit like the ill-fated attacks of Napoleon, only to be driven back by attrition rather than the foe itself, stands as an example of this.

Apparently nobody wants to take a look at the blood-smeared history of how the first and second world wars started, because right now they all seem more interested in a depressed pilot crashing his plane than two particularly foreboding, ever-increasing threats currently raging; namely, Ukraine and Yemen.

When the archduke of Austria was killed the first world war began; what could have stayed a small conflict over diplomatic integrity and nationalistic pride spiraled into an all-engulfing conflict because of the intricate web of alliances which existed at the time. "Never again!" shouted all participants, as they stupidly, and uknowingly, seeded their own eventual doom with the Treaty of Versailles and a new, larger web of alliances practically guaranteed to eventually case a second round of butchery.

Fast forward to the days of Hitler when his mustache was still black and he was still able to get a full night's sleep. The crushing of the German economy via Versailles could only feed nationalism, and when Hitler rose to power, nobody did a thing until he attacked Poland; it was then that what would have been a fight between just Germany and Poland (in which at the time Germany merely wanted to reclaim land that was "theirs" prior to the loss of land courtesy of Versailles itself) spiraled into the second world war. Again, as before, alliances prolonged the peace between fights, but ended up making the eventual fight far more long and insane.

In the wake of this sorry period in our history the alliance grew even larger and culminated in the cold war, whose first round ended when the USSR finally collapsed. However, the alliances are now so large as to envelop most nations in existence; not just NATO versus Russia and its allies, after all there is also a reciprocal treaty in the Americas, and mutual defense treaties between the US and parts of East Asia. As to Russia, their lukewarm Chinese backers have their own formidable capabilities and their own small but lethal sphere.

So when Saudi Arabia (a US ally through oil monies) and Iran (A Russian ally for its fuel resources and strategic location) look about ready to come to blows, I can only envision the situation ending badly; over Yemen of all places, an area no more important from an economic standpoint than Serbia prior to WW1 or Poland prior to WW2, except for its location with regards to oil movement. And when Russia eyes Ukraine, seeking to grab a bit more land, and the US is already arming Kiev with military goods, and Russia arming the Donetsk rebels, I can't imagine that's a stable situation either.

We have to prepare ourselves for the possibility (not yet inevitability) that one of these two situations could end up starting a larger conflict- say, Eastern Europe against Russia, or the entire Shia world against the more powerful Sunni states. Either would be a disaster since both regions occupy strategically important trade routes and are of vast military significance overall to both the US and Russia. The idea that the US would abandon Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or especially Turkey (which is in NATO) should any be assaulted is ridiculous, and the idea that Russia would allow Iran to be assaulted without responding equally so- even attacks in Syria could alarm them enough to get a response, how much more then Iran, with its far greater resources and strategic value?

The US has just tested several minuteman missiles. Putin claims he was prepared to go to full nuclear alert over Crimea last year. It seems our politicians on all sides after all are as ignorant of history as those right before world war two who failed to notice the alliance web that would eventually doom them to fight.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

4chan's /pol/ Begins Censoring Politics

Click to enlarge the rage.

Those of us who have used 4chan long enough to remember the bad old days of shitposters from board to board were slightly relieved when the site finally began cracking down on some of the less helpful content; /pol/ had become nothing more than a cesspit of flame wars and shilling, but the moment moot "retired" and trolled us all by fucking with his site for a few weeks there was a bit of a ripple of fear running through the veins of those who make use of the site to actually speak freely- something most websites no longer really allow.

Now, it seems the moderators have begun (in moot's supposed absence) to censor material being posted on the site, regardless of its adherence to actual rules- /pol/ is of course the reincarnation of /news/ and serves as a politics and current events board- but I caught them archiving (read; disallowing responses to) one of the threads that was on the front page at the time I first saw it, and which had far too few replies to be eligible for pruning off the site.

Discussing world war three, I'd think, is politics related- perhaps some moderators don't agree with this sentiment though. I made sure to screencap the post and make a new thread, just to see if I'd be banned; of course I was. For those of us capable of comprehending the act of changing the MAC on our router this itself isn't a problem, but it does show the moderators there are no longer interested in actual political material. I'd challenge any of them to justify a belief that such material is "not related to politics."

What a sad day, moot abandons the site and censorship immediately begins. If I had to guess I'd say he was leaned on by some government entity (not necessarily even one from the US- Russia is notorious for "urging" sites to self censor) and fled so he wouldn't have to deal with an impossible legal situation. Now, the moderators are a bunch of loonies with no common sense who have bent over backwards and begun sucking someone off- whether it's an American cock or a Russian cock or an Israeli cock makes little difference- it's still a cock.

Thanks mods, I'll be back... over and over and over, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brian Williams Memories

Brian Williams recently recanted his (false) memory about Iraq- having said he was on a helicopter that took fire and was forced to land; no such event ever took place, and it's not clear why he reported such a thing. In the last 24 hours though folks on twitter have graciously supplied the amnesia-stricken Williams with other memories he apparently forgot.

First we learned that he reported live from the moon- he also took out the second gunman at the grassy knoll and thought briefly that he stormed the beaches of Normandy, but remembered he just had a friend named Norman.

He spent most of the late 1800s hanging with Theodore Roosevelt bunging around the Amazon but later came back to pay the bus fare of Rosa Parks.

Williams is also known for his merciful and beneficent ways. He shot the sheriff, but when he found the deputy cowering in fear at his greatness, he spared his life.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama Wants to Muzzle the Press: Here's Why I Don't Care

Obama is widely known for his antipathy directed at the constitution; he's also now well known as being aloof and distracted, seeming not to particularly care about world issues. Oddly, his approval began rising about a month ago on strong economic reports, while it subsequently fell again because people's concern for the economy was replaced by concern for foreign events, which Obama is seen as particularly weak on.

Now he has the crazy idea (related through the white house press secretary) that the first amendment doesn't apply to reporting which "might encourage jihad" (apparently, by publishing material antithetical to islamofascist beliefs.) This is of course prefaced by its connection to the recent Hebdo events in Paris. Obama and his smug-faced secretary seem not to understand the rights of the media.

But I don't care.

I don't care, because in this day and age more and more people are seeing that the mass media is so easily muzzled and now get their news from underground sites, blogs, forums, chatrooms, small media sites, upstart organizations, and even from one another. All you need are a handful of such sites to keep up to date, and even better they aren't bought and paid for by cronyists connected to the political elite or some corporation!
Of course, some are; Gawker infamously got embroiled with its connections to certainn feminazis recently and is currently withering and deflating because a lot of its sponsors withdrew. Grassroots raids and email drives were sufficient to cripple their influence, showing the net still has a bit of the "wild west" vigilantism that was its hallmark to begin with; this, we must viciously defend against intrusion by interventionism. Meanwhile, Facebook recently forsook this appeal and bent over backwards for our old fried Vlad Pootin, who wanted them to remove pages dedicated to one of his political foes.

I don't care because I don't use mainstream sources anyways; they're less interesting than smaller sites, they're more opinion and less news, they refuse to cover many of the events that matter, and ultimately they're just bloated platforms for a bunch of opinion analysts to spew their nonsense on behalf of their chosen parties and religious groups. I don't particularly care if they cower in the corner and refuse to call out islamofascism for what it is; I don't care if they don't publish muhammad cartoons; because I will, and many others will, and there's not a fucking thing anyone can do to stop it, because there are so many tens of millions of individual bloggers, forum admins, and small sites dedicated to just this kind of stuff. If Obama, or any other out of touch statist, thinks muzzling a few news sites will do anything other than make the material more popular amongst those still capable of critical thinking, then he might be more popular and well liked amongst those who favor Kruschev or someone like that, than those who actually care about liberty.

So let the mainstream media get censored; their sites are dying because they cracked down on public commenting and TV news has never been less popular than it is now. More and more people all over the world now realize they're basically just being lied to every time they turn on CNN or BBC or RT or Al Jazeera or FOX or any other large site- even sites that used to be "cool" and "underground" like RT and AJ are now falling out of favor precisely because people realized they were pushing propaganda and that it was only the propaganda that changed, not its frequency of use.

I don't care, because it will have absolutely no effect on my life whatsoever, and those it does affect are already so mind numbed that it hardly matters if the TV lies to them.

Apparently putting your shoes on the kabba like this is enormously disrespectful in islam- good, I hope it pisses a lot of people off.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

For those who were blissfully unawares, Peter Jackson's final treatise re; The Hobbit has now been released in theaters. I was originally worried that it would be a slight let down, after remembering cynically that the ending of the third installment of "Lord of the Rings" was about 25% ending, with multiple scenes which dragged on and were almost a movie in themselves.

Much like that same ending of the former trilogy, Jackson appears to have pulled out all stops with the animation, and barely a half hour into the film we're treated by a battle between Saruman (who at this point is still a "good" guy) and Lady Galadriel, aided by Lord Elrond, against the nine- to say the battle was well animated and intense would be the understatement of all understatements. Subsequently, Sauron makes a brief appearance before apparently possessed Galadriel sends him firing across the landscape while Saruman's eyes melt into shadowy, empty sockets. The distortion applied here makes it look more like a scene from "Exorcist" than the Hobbit (which some of us remember as mostly a cheerful adventure tale.)

However, prior to this we get an all-too-brief battle between Bard and Smaug; it was beautifully animated (as Jackson's work has been since he first began with Fellowship of the Ring) but I was left surprised at how the dragon sort of melts into irrelevance once Bard kills him- this wasn't a bad thing though, as the entire third installment here dwells on essentially two chapters of the actual book.

Most of the movie revolves around the epic battle of five armies- it has it all; orcs, dwarves, elves, men, all we're missing is a chained-up enslaved balrog smashing cities with fiery fists. Again, the animation shines through.

Now, to the acting; it's just as solid as it was before- and here I must remind all-too-critical reviewers that talk about how the movie is too cliche, or too soft, or too "dreary-lite"- read the book folks, "Hobbit" was ALWAYS more light hearted and less openly horrifying than the madness of the one ring we see in other works.

I'm substantially impressed especially by three individuals as far as their acting; Evangeline Lily (Tauriel), Ken Stott (Balin) and Luke Evans (Bard.) I would not be the least bit surprised to see Evans picked up as a sort of ever present facet in future works on the power of his display here. This shouldn't be a surprise... he also played as Dracula last year.

I think we might have been seeing a little frustration with rulership and power as well in the interplay between "The Master" and Bard.

Overall, I'd give this a 4.5/5. I know a lot of people are cutting it down in reviews, but really most of these people are judging it without, apparently, ever having read the book (or reading and forgetting.)

I waited years for a real Hobbit movie, and here it is.