Monday, April 14, 2014

Blood Moon Video Playlist (Embedded)

Tune in around 8PM Eastern time/5PM Pacific Time: A host of occcult, pagan, and religious materials designed as a playlist for the beginning of the end of this cosmic cycle.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Watch the Blood Moon Eclipse LIVE

Who knows what occult horrors may be released?

For those of you living in most parts of Europe and Africa, or else the Middle East and Asia, the eclipse coming up will not be visible at all- and even where it's visible weather can play a major role in blocking such a sight- the moon turning red isn't exactly a common occurrence.

Down below however is a link to the coca cola space center owned by Columbus University- they will be streaming the event live along with commentary, similar to webcasts dedicated to Ison some time ago.

In the Western Americas it will be visible around midnight- in the Eastern time zone it won't be until 3AM or thereabouts that it finally shows up- it will be visible for about an hour before this time, but will not be as spectacular.

This pdf from NASA illustrates where it will be visible, although again local weather will come into effect as well.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fruits of Eden: Herbalism and the Occult, Now on Pre-Order through Xaosis Publications!

Little else in the occult world is truly as sinister and godlike than controlling both the living conditions and time of death of other life forms- a true exercise in the mystic.

It is with this in mind that I set out to write this work- I was trying to design a work about spiritual and mystic herbalism that wasn't just a how-to guide or an encyclopedia, but which combined both, along with a bit of back story and history.

For too long such a work has been lacking in the occult realm of literature; I am proud to have filled this gaping void with a work which, I believe, the publisher will be able to make both aesthetically pleasing as well as high quality (which is of importance to those of us who also obsess over vintage binding and collecting old works.)

Not many copies of this work will actually be made unless demand is substantial- so to those following this blog, if you have any interest I suggest you purchase a copy- it's entirely possible that when it is made available to my subscribers, many copies will be sold.

Expected release in the summer of 2014; pre-order away!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Blood Moon Tetrad: Cycles Come to an End

The end times? More like the beginning times...

Every time some cosmic, mathematical, or prophecy-derived end times story comes to light, it spreads like wildfire and we end up with a billion different permutations of  what it means, when the special date is, and whether jesus will come back as a black man, a white man, or a vaguely arabic looking tanned shemale.

Thus, I'd like to clear up this and all other "end times" tales once and for all; obviously, the rapture obsessed evangelicals, and some other groups, will ignore this and continue to predict that the end is here roughly every year or so for the rest of time, but those with at least a limited understanding of history and mysticism should hearken to this post.

The significance of virtually all apocalyptic writings, whether from the ancient past (Norse ragnarok, Mayan calendar, etc) or the more recent past (Nostradamus, Timewave Zero, etc) is that of describing not the end in a linear fashion, but rather the end of a cycle or movement. This is true even where specific die-off style events such as tsunamis, black rains, earthquakes, or apocalyptic wars are predicted, because time is seen by virtually all such groups as a cycle, not a line.

Revelation aside (because it refers clearly to the fall of Rome and Nero, whose name equates to 666 which few people seem to comprehend) most of the prophecies from the past simply denote that each cycle comes to an end with a bang, a die off, a cataclysm, or something of that sort, and subsequently renews itself, beginning yet a new cycle.

This ties in with ancient symbology as well.

The black sun

First, we have the black sun- a Germanic and Norse pagan symbol, which consists of 12 arms, each representing a month in the year. This latter day nazi-coopted symbol nonetheless contains no specific racial connotation. As the black sun turns on its axis, the seasons too turn.

Along with this we have of course the swastika and similar figures, which represent merely the four seasons. Even my beloved ouroboros symbol represents the completion of a cycle, in the metaphor of the snake eating its own tail.

One of several versions of my own occult symbology

Those of you of an astute nature may already realize the occult symbol I have used for years- namely the ouroboros around the red crescent moon, is itself an allusion to the tetrads and the completing of a generic cyclical movement; although some may not believe me, I have been using this symbol long before I realized what a tetrad was, years before I became particularly involved with the occult.

As well as the cyclical notion involved here, we also have an element of the totemic or shamanistic character of the wolf or lycanthrope at play with the tetrads as we do other cycles and prophecies regarding them; for what is more of a transformational archetype in all mystic literature than the man becoming animalistic upon the lunar cycle's completion and peaking?

So when I want to know more about the tetrad cycle I find myself drawn to Roman mysticism (due to Romulus and Remus) as well as Tengrism and similar steppe faiths, as well as Turkish mythology- all of the above fixate upon the idea of wolves and such transformational beings either founding cities or nations, or somehow being mystically involved with their nationalism.

Turkish nationalist symbology

So when people tell me to turn to jesus, as though linear time was ending, I get a good chuckle, compare them to the failure of Harold Camping's predictions, and tell them, if they think jesus is coming back they should give me all of their worldly goods and go be homeless and penniless like their lord was upon this earth.

The end is coming- but it is not what the christians expect.

Artificial Light On Mars?

Apparently, the Curiosity Rover might not be alone up there on the surface of the red planet.

Recent images beamed back from the surface appear to show some sort of illuminated pillar, or light emanating from the ground or from beneath it- the hope is that the rover will approach this area and attempt to further study it.

As always it's entirely possible this is some sort of glare or lens artifact, but it doesn't appear to be- any form of phosphorescence or similar phenomenon would be extremely interesting to say the least.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kingdom of Heaven - The Ballad of Lurleen Tyler (Youtube)

Nikolas Schreck and James Collord, together as KOH (Kingdom of Heaven)

It has been some time since new music was released by any project related to Radio Werewolf and all associated acts and phenomena- and now here we have a new music video for KOH's "Ballad of Lurleen Tyler."

It's actually very good- especially the choral segment (Alakazam, Zachariah!) Those who first see it are likely, if not familiar with Nikolas himself, to assume it's some sort of actual gospel rock, until he begins singing about skinning Lurleen Tyler alive at the behest of Jehovah, who has possessed him.

Hardly the gothic rock associated with early 84-88 Radio Werewolf, this material is stylistically more along the line of "Boots/Witchcraft" if you intended to compare it to previous work; although Nikolas himself has made it clear that Radio Werewolf itself is more a past project, with this being the current (and sonic current) of his current mystical doings.

The deliberately hokey references put this squarely in the satirical, and its obvious humor (including the credits) make it altogether enjoyable.

This is I believe the third song released through this act- along with the previous "Dreamland" and "Midnight in Cairo" (Of which personally I favor the latter) but this third song is almost undoubtedly the best of the three thus far.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Grading the Nominees: Who Will be Nominated for the 2016 Elections?


Rand Paul   B+
Pro: Like many likely candidates for the nomination, Rand is relatively young- he can also capitalize on the grassroots system his father Ron Paul created- which spans the nation and even gets fed by activists in other nations. His power to motivate independents could be severe. His popularity in Iowa and New Hampshire (both of which saw huge independent turnout for Ron Paul) would likely grab him the first two states.
Con: Rand has a tendency to misspeak and misattribute quotes while he speaks; neoconservatives, who form the fiscal structure of the mainstream GOP, will need to be convinced he won't attack their business backers.

Chris Christie   B-
Pro: Christie is a relative moderate, who has the unique ability to steal votes in the blue northeast and midatlantic- he may, however, lose New Jersey, where he serves as governor.
Con: Christie is seen as a traitor by the tea party and his seemingly close relationship with Obama after the hurricane, plus the bridge scandal, has already tanked his popularity.

Ted Cruz   B-
Pro: Cruz is hailed as a sort of hero by the tea party, and there's no question he'd have their support- of all possible candidates only Cruz can combine the tea party and the neoconservative base.
Con: Cruz tends to become aggressive and almost theatrical while speaking which could harm his debate skills. It's also not completely clear if he's eligible to serve as the president given his Canadian birth.

Newt Gingrich   D
Pro: Gingrich is a perennial candidate- he did win several states in 2012, and enjoys heavy support in the deep south, where he could prevent Hillary, if she runs, from taking Georgia and Arkansas.
Con: Gingrich has never been taken seriously by the Democrats, and even in his own party, he is rapidly losing favor.

Rick Perry   C+
Pro: He had an originally good showing in 2012, which only faded after he was clearly outcompeted in debates. He could grab all the money the neoconservatives can funnel to him through Karl Rove.
Con: His weak debating skills plus his home state being already red are not good signs for a Perry run.

Rick Santorum   D+
Pro: Santorum came in second place in 2012- and the GOP has a habit of nominating runners-up. Santorum would have the evangelicals fire-eyed and at his feet in moments.
Con: Santorum is seen as extremist in his religious views- his presence would automatically energize whoever runs as his opponent with votes from women and minorities.

Jeb Bush   C+
Pro: Jeb's time may have finally come; and as a Bush he enjoys massive financing potential, through which he can outspend opponents- and money above all else determines the GOP candidate.
Con: He's a Bush- and there are die hard Republicans who have sworn off Bush family members for life due to the last two that have served.

Marco Rubio   C+
Pro: Rubio has the capability to break the hispanic vote more evenly- a huge advantage in contested New Mexico and Nevada.
Con: Rubio has been quiet lately, and is a distant candidate at this time- it's not certain he intends to run.


Hillary Clinton   B
Pro: Hillary has the backing of Bill, a popular president, and Bill controls a massive number of older Democrats. Her speaking skills are considered above average, and she could destroy the GOP by taking both Arkansas and Georgia.
Con: Benghazi will hurt her credibility, and all the Bill era scandals will be back in full light as well if she runs- her closeness to Obama is a hindrance. It's not clear the younger Democrats want her to run, as they snubbed her for Obama despite her winning the nomination in the vote tally.

Bernie Sanders   B
Pro: Sanders is an excellent speaker and enjoys high popularity in the Democratic party- that he would win New Hampshire (which neighbors Vermont) is all but a given.
Con: Sanders has been an independent candidate before- and sometimes is known to attack his own party (including Obama) at times, and is a self avowed socialist.

Dennis Kucinich   D+
Pro: Kucinich is seen as a deeply antiwar candidate in an increasingly antiwar USA, and has some ties to libertarian issues.
Con: He is now aging, and is seen as a fringe candidate.

Howard Dean   B-
Pro: Dean has a decent record and fairly high popularity in several swing states- his work as chairman of the DNC has surely earned him key allies.
Con: In 2000 he self sabotaged what was at the time a good campaign, and overnight went from a front runner to dropping out.

Elizabeth Warren   B-
Pro: Warren is a popular Democratic senator, known for giving good speeches- her recent plan for student refinancing will win her the youth vote.
Con: Warren is seen as relatively far left and would likely not provide much of a challenge in midwestern swing states, which have seen a shift to the right in the last several years.

Joe Biden   C+
Pro: Biden appears to be a sort of modernist version of Lyndon Johnson, believed widely to be a better tactician than Obama himself- his debate skills are good, despite his general verbal shortcomings.
Con: Biden is known for making frequent verbal mistakes and has been kept largely out of the limelight by Obama- possibly because of the same said verbal mistakes, and possibly because he's being groomed for a candidacy and "kept above the fray."

Al Gore   C
Pro: Gore already came monumentally close to the presidency- he enjoys high support among the youth, and might be able to grab some of the right leaning inependents who remember how bad Bush was.
Con: Gore is seen as fairly far left and will do badly with moderates- his fixation on global warming did not endear him to some industrial unions.

John Kerry   B-
Pro: Kerry did well in 2004 and still enjoys two key advantages; firstly, a massive fortune that allows him to finance his own campaign at will, and secondly, the remnants of Bush era antiwar sentiment. It is possible that, had the election been held a year later, Kerry would have won.
Con: Kerry is considered "boring" and was never known to make a particularly compelling, stellar speech. Although Kerry would enjoy high party support, his ability to sway independent voters can only be middling at best.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why Russia Will Collapse

Picture semirelated.

Those who have kept up with the Ukraine crisis are being bombarded with various disinformation and propaganda from every angle- from the Russians and their media outlets and paid agents, to the US and its own media, to Ukrainians of all groups- including nationalists (whose numbers are severely overblown by Russian media.) This has culminated in at least one RT anchor resigning on air, as well as unclear stories on both sides which may or may not even be true. It's like the cold war all over.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel here for the west- Putin seems to have overestimated his own popularity with the Chinese and other groups, who have at most given him lukewarm approval and then seem to have busied themselves with other tasks (possibly because if China loses US trade, more than a tenth of its entire economy disappears- and that's not counting mineral exports to our allies.)

Russia's economy is already strained- their growth, which years ago was fairly strong, had already slowed down, possibly giving us the reason Putin pushed so hard for a Eurasian Union in response to the EU- a rather strange plan since only by partnering with at least Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and the Baltic states would complete such a union to the level needed to compete- Putin already gets discounted Kazakh minerals and Ukrainian grain, and the entire plan seems more a power grab than an economic fix.

In fact, with the US becoming the world natural gas and oil baron, my own theory is that Putin realized that within a few years, if he doesn't flex his military, he would lose a substantial trade ability for his own natural gas, which costs about as much as US gas because while we pay workers more, we also extract it far more cheaply using better technology which is more efficient- Putins goal, thus, seems to be to grab as much of Europe as he can so that when we do eventually begin selling to Europe his loss is cut.

Unfortunately for Putin, Ukraine exploded at just the wrong time- now he has to content himself with dubious actions in Crimea and possibly the eastern portion which still has some support for him- although in doing so, he has already seen a 12% drop in Russian stocks, plus the decapitation of the ruble, which is still falling and is worth less already than Ukrainian goat urine.

It's likely that Ukraine saw this revolution because of western agent provocation- however Ukrainians shouldn't mind this, since their own government formerly was utterly controlled by Putin, who depressed their own economy so he could supply his nation with cheaper grain; upon joining NATO and possibly the EU, Ukraine will see its own economy grow- and although both Russians and US right wingers have a chip on their shoulder about the EU, the trade deals it offers have largely enriched the more productive members (Britain and Germany are growing rapidly), while keeping the less productive from collapsing under debt (Greece, Italy, Spain) allowing them to continue to function- my own reservations about EU immigration policy and their general distaste for civilians owning guns and speaking in a nationalist manner take the back seat here, because the alternative- Russian domination- is far, far worse.

Putin is now free to annex Crimea (which today voted to become part of Russia) but any further moves will likely see actual war- and unless he has lost his mind, he knows this, and will simply do what Russia has done before- re-enter the arms race and sabotage neighbor states.

The USSR collapses previously, partly because Russia exhausted its own productivity on military ventures and attempts to outcompete the west, which did nothing and only caused economic recession in autonomous regions which then left the soviet union- the stage is set right now, between the ruble collapse, Russian stock freefall, and hostility from formerly Russian-sphered areas (Poland and the Baltics especially) for Russia to suffer severely, possibly causing yet more balkanization (dare I say, Chechnya and Siberia?)

Of course, there is also the very real possibility that Putin actually has gone insane- probably because he realizes the west just destroyed all chance of a feasible Eurasion Union, and that if Venezuela keeps boiling over, the west might turn it into the worlds' giant oil pump, leaving Iran and Syria dessicated and their public coffers empty, as only the Saudis and Turks possess the ability to extract oil in a large enough quantity to compete with Venezuelan and US reserves.

Russia seems to be losing on the grand chessboard- another major hit and they may be further relegated to the margins of civilization- after which Putin's only option may be war.

Steve Stockman's Mugshot

Stockman, presumably high on valium which was found on him in 1977- this might explain his hippie look.

Steve Stockman, has-been Republican blowhard, says he will have anyone who publishes his mugshot arrested.

As such, naturally, the mugshot is now all over the internet, including here; and the dixieland tea partier is welcome to try and do whatever he thinks he legally can about it (which is to say, sit on his ass and whine.)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Could the Stock Market be About to Crash? Maybe...

This chart shows at least a coincidental similarity between market trends from the year prior to the great depression, and the last year of the stock market in modernity.

While nothing is certain in world markets and currencies, this chart, created my Tom McClellan, seems to be giving some folks quite a spooky feeling right now- a feeling that doom may literally be around the corner for our market.

Of course, those of us who are not currently sedated already know there are several parallels between the modern age and the period right before the depression- an increase in real unemployment, the movement of markets offshore, and the decline in real productivity- the difference being that the government right now is injecting massive amounts of cash into the system, sort of like a doctor might repeatedly administer morphine to a patient who is deathly ill and not expected to recover, in order to keep them from dying in utter agony.

There are even certain political similarities- the resurgence of communist imagery in the east, the resurgence of nationalism in Europe, the rise of inept leaders worldwide, and the continued shilling of the population by banks and businesses, heaping profit hand over fist as their workers starve.

Anyone can see the market is being artificially inflated just as it was before the crash that helped usher in the depression of the 1930s- since productivity remains low, and unemployment high, there's no reason the market should be growing, especially not at such a rapid pace- other than the energy industry and a few other markets, the western worlds' overall productivity has remained mostly stagnant for years.

The liberals seem to think the cure for this ailment is the continuous printing of money and debt spending, which seem not to have had much of an effect- the right wing, on the other hand, continues to push the idea that simply by slashing spending (except on the military of course!) the underlying issue- lack of productivity, and not the debt accrued as a result of it- will be solved; which it will not.

Rather than attempt to actually invest in training, infrastructure, and other things which might increase the bottom line and absorb unemployment (which has been done before to great success in many nations) they have chosen to fixate on the symptoms not the underlying disease, treating peripherally, fiddling while Rome burns.

The fact that this chart was originally created as a sort of joke, but then continued to be accurate enough to cause the jokester to himself worry, should be reason enough for all of us to fear a possible collapse- but here we see something that may give us pause.

When the "lunatics" told us the government was listening to every phone call and logging every email we sent, and we called them crazy, they eventually turned out to be right with the NSA revelations.

When the "lunatics" told us the government was targeting political opposition, we called them crazy, right before the IRS scandal broke.

When "lunatics" were ranting about how the market would stagnate folks ignored them- but now the market, after a period of sharp decline, has indeed stagnated and appears to be doing little.

Now the same lunatics are telling us a crash is impending- they have been saying so for some time; should we now perhaps at least consider that what they say might come true?