Saturday, December 21, 2013

The (Very) Strange Case of the Bayou Corne Sinkhole

The sinkhole now covers 25 acres of land... which used to be a lake

And now we come to a rapidly developing, current, and very bizarre story- the Bayou Corne Louisiana sinkhole.

Apparently, underneath this rather swampy swath of land, lies a massive, previously mined salt cavern system- unfortunately for nearby residents, the side of one of these chambers collapsed, draining an entire lake and swallowing up muddy land, along with trees and everything else that it feels like ingesting.

Don't believe me? Watch this video.

The sinkhole suffers some sort of further instability, ripping loose a massive chunk of tree and mud and utterly submerging it.

The risk of the entire area collapsing is apparently so severe that governor Jindal previously issued a state of emergency- some claim (although obviously I can't corroborate such a claim) that the nearby Dow chemical plant may have perhaps pumped some sort of material into the ground dubiously, causing structural degradation to the delicate salt caverns.

In fact, the continuing collapse of the cavern system is apparently causing tremors and other instability miles away and has for the last 48 hours or so- which could either cause or predict a massive sliding of material down into the muddy abyss- if that happens, it's safe to say at least the residents of the town (if not the entire county) will evacuate.

In fact, I took the liberty of looking up maps related to US salt deposits- if we assume that the influx of water and/or tremors and/or the salt deposits are continuous but porous or contain any form of tunnel systems, then if I am looking at this map correctly it could cause the land to collapse all the way from the eastern edge of Texas, to Alabama (which would be apocalyptic in the highest possible sense of the term.)

If that large orange blob destabilizes, it could be bye bye to everyone from Dallas to Montgomery.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Things I Learned Watching North Korean Television

One of their TV segments begins.

TUNE IN HERE (Same Link as on Right Hand Side of Blog)
Note: This station is almost never active except from roughly 10PM to 1AM EST.

I have been sporadically tuning in to the pirated North Korean TV feed for about a year now- it's actually quite interesting to watch- almost more so than TV from here in the USA, where it's nonstop ads and most broadcasts revolve around numbing the viewers' mind.

In between obviously propagandist segments (nationalistic anthems and marches and footage of DPRK soldiers smiling and waving at Kim) are some truly eye-opening contents that make me wish the internet was in wide use when the USSR existed (just imagine all the interesting broadcasts we'd have recorded, that have now been lost to time.)

However I found that, even though I couldn't understand a word the North Koreans were saying, I was still learning. Here are some of my findings.

 North Korean Theater.
1. North Koreans are Obsessed with (and extremely good at) making theater performances.

Perhaps because they don't seem to have access to movie theaters, and probably also out of a sense of tradition, many segments presented on their station seem to revolve around live performances of music and plays- even though I can't understand what they say, I can understand the plot, and I can read the emotions evoked by the actors- which is a sign that whatever training they have, they are very good at putting on a performance, usually I get no emotion from any actors.

2. North Korean music is an eclectic mix of traditional Asian musical styles and every other possible genre imaginable.
Ever hear a traditional asian song infused with ska-like trumpet backgrounds? Have you heard a military march that contains a synthesizer solo? Have you ever heard a song in which a harp, accordion, and mandolin play together? Is a trombone usually present in a K-pop song?

In North Korea, this seems to be the case- these songs are admittedly catchy, and usually played to visuals of either nature scenes or soldiers or, in one very strange case, to visuals of female soldiers romping in a meadow full of flowers.

3. Soldiers are almost Omnipresent in DPRK Broadcasts.

The presence of soldiers (or at least people in uniform) is almost nonstop in DPRK television- most of the musical artists seem to wear uniforms, and at least 25% of all the broadcast content seems to be Kim surveying military posts, military marches, or similar material.

4. Almost every play or film has a cautionary message.

From today's theater performance (which seems to have been about a wayward young schoolgirl) to its early-broadcast film (which was about a wayward young farmers' boy who wanted to become educated) almost every fiction piece that isn't music has a deep cautionary message, usually directed at the youth, and usually espousing the virtues of tradition, working together, respect for family, and the struggles of the lower classes. In the former case, the wayward girl seems to have reconciled with her family, while in the latter case, the wayward farm boy seems to have given up his dreams of an urban education in favor of helping work the family farm.

5. (And this was surprising) Their films often seem to applaud rough-housing, cracking jokes, and occasionally, disobeying orders (at least among males.)

Almost every film that includes a military aspect seems to depict young male soldiers spending the majority of their time happy and joking around, often teasing one another- in one case one or more of the soldiers seem to have made their commander extremely unhappy through their actions, but as a result seem to have won a battle, avenging the fallen, and bringing them honor (or something similar to this.) It's quite possible the commander had given an order contradictory to some aspect of the political fabric of North Korean society, thus causing the situation.

6. North Korea seems to have an absolutely stunning countryside.

While most of the people in the DPRK seem to live in varying levels of impoverished misery, the natural landscape of the country looks like a combination of the better physical features of any other substantially environmentally friendly nation- perhaps because the DPRK seems to lack automobiles and heavy industry it seems pollution, in some areas, is virtually nonexistent.

7. There seems to be a disconnect between younger and older North Koreans.

Most people you see anywhere on any of these broadcasts, who are over 40-ish, have extremely traditional hair styles, clothing, and mannerisms- but when you see younger individuals, some of them are wearing clothing which appears more westernized, and their mannerisms are far different; I am not sure if this is cultural (IE the state allows some level of individuality at a younger age) or if it might be the result of a very slow infusion of individualism into the DPRK, which older individuals themselves choose to resist. If either is true, it seems to be similar to the differences in older or younger Chinese individuals (AKA those alive during, or only after, the gang of four was displaced.)

The lady on the left appears to be a historian or employed similarly, explaining the significance of, and/or history behind, certain photographs and documents.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Zeena Schreck: Live in New York City, November 8th, 2013

Celebrating the 11th anniversary of the Sethian Liberation Movement, Zeena Schreck will be appearing in New York City at Performa 13 on November 8th.

She will be accompanied by Hisham Bharoocha and Anders Hermund on percussion, and will be performing:

"a vocal based work as chant that taps into the ritual use of vocalized sacred syllables, originating from emptiness, gradually transforming into a sound and voice collage on a stage set design by Frank Haines. This will be Zeena’s first performance granted to her native country since her expatriation to Europe in 1990."

Sure to evolve into part of the legend that Zeena's work represents, it will be held at the Community Church of New York, 40 E 35th Street.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Michael Hastings was Writing an Expose about CIA Director John Brennan When he Died

It now seems all but certain that the government (particularly, those at the CIA) had Michael Hastings assassinated, and that his suspicious car wreck was no accident.

San Diego 6 broke the story earlier today: Hastings was working on an expose about CIA director Brennan right before he mysteriously died.

Those of us who remember the wikileaks tweet about how he was just about to call their lawyer hours before death, and those of us who remember that Hastings was telling people he had a "big story" at the time are not surprised he turned up dead- the CIA has a long history of destroying those who threaten the police state (from propaganda, to assassinations, to spying.)

Presumably, the expose is already in readable form and will apparently be appearing in Rolling Stone soon.

The picture below should come as no shock to the redpilled. It is part of a stack of internal emails leaked to wikileaks some time ago- correspondence between various entities in politics, surveillance, and business.

Click to enlarge

Did I mention that analysis on several angles of video footage of the crash show Hastings was not actually speeding? Or that the explosion occurred before impact? You won't hear that in the mainstream media, but it's already been investigated thoroughly.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sign the Petition Against Warrantless NSA Spying

This petition has already been signed by over 350,000 people- including many tech businesses and privacy organizations, and is definitely worth the 30 seconds it takes to sign.

No step is too slight in the battle for privacy- the NSA and big brother state must be stopped at all costs.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nikolas Schreck Nightwatch Interview April 16th, 9PM Central

Nikolas Schreck will be speaking with Nightwatch Radio in two days, Tuesday April 16th, at 9PM central time.

I am unsure as to the subjects to be covered, but because this is Nightwatch, it is presumably about mysticism, Buddhism, occultism, or some combination thereof.

Exciting news!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Biogenesis Game

Very cool

A very cool page I found while browsing- a sort of combination between a simulation game and artificial aquarium- it's quite a tiny download, highly simplistic, and yet quite addictive.

The game revolves around the concept of mutation and evolution, but also around nutrient cycles and limiting energy sources- allowing the player to mutate organisms, or let them replicate naturally, observing them as they evolve into (sometimes quite odd) forms.

Essentially a mathematical representation of single cell evolution, it allows you to alter CO2 levels, and add segments to the organisms, rotate them, increase or decrease length, and there are several types of color each with their own effect- a standardized 5% mutation rate ensures that some species disappear while others thrive.

Most hilarious feature: Pump up the carbon dioxide levels and watch the population explode.

The kind of program that uses a tiny enough amount of processing power to leave it on while you go to work, returning only to see mutants have exhausted your population and become hegemonic.

Predators mainly have a cyan section and are tipped in red or white, photosynthetic organisms are mainly green and usually with a blue armor around them- sometimes quite complicated mutants arise, and some can infect other cells. Dead, decomposing cells in brown.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zeena Schreck Interview with Network Awesome March 18th 2013

Monday - Tune in to watch the Network Awesome exclusive interview with Zeena Schreck at: anytime after midnight Monday morning, March 18, 2013.

Network Awesome's daily program spotlights Zeena Schreck with full program schedule referencing facets of her life.

The day opens with Zeena's first one-on-one televised interview in 22 years. Artist Jen Ray interviews Zeena for this exclusive Network Awesome Original Production.

Links to the archived day of programming will be posted in the ZEENA – Official Facebook page in 'Notes'.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis: Petrus Romanus and the Jesuits

Insane Vespers Everywhere

A new pope has been chosen: Jorge Bergoglio AKA Pope Francis I.

This Jesuit figurehead fulfills the prediction of a black pope- the leader of the Jesuit order is often called the black pope.

Interestingly two scandals are hitting the news as we speak, ushering in this Kali-Yuga driven era of the new dark ages.

1. Angelo Scola (who had previously been considered the main front runner for pope) saw his diocese raided by police in response to anti-mafia claims. You can read the story here.

2. It has just come to light that the Catholic Church recently bought a block of land in Rome which contains Europe's largest gay spa. You can read the story here.

Even a half hour after the pope took office, we see numerous forum and blog discussions about the topic cropping up- what they understand is that there is a mystic significance to this election- but they seem to have missed the mystic underpinnings themselves, focusing on skull and bones or the illuminati while missing the much more obvious scandals rocking the church as they speak!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Terra Preta: The Savior of the Western World

A better soil

Although I have posted about the use of terra preta before, the time has come now that the blog is far more popular and trafficked to post again in hopes that other people begin attempting this process.

Terra Preta, in short, is soil (whatever soil that may be) which has been improved through adding a significant (up to 33%) content of roughly ground up charcoal to it, along with, normally, compost and sometimes other materials (the "authentic" terra preta in the amazon rain forest seems to have a great deal of pottery sherds in it, along with bone fragments.)

The natives of the Amazon were using this method in the precolumbian period for almost a thousand years, eventually blanketing, if reports are true, a total land area twice the size of Great Britain in this improved soil which would have given them the capability to sustain enough agriculture to have been, at the time, perhaps the largest producer of foodstuffs on the planet, rivalling even latter day Rome in overall productivity.

The soil has numerous benefits.

1. It increases crop yields by 25 to 45 percent over regular techniques involving crop rotation- which is almost as good as, and sometimes better than, traditional chemical fertilization.

2. The soil regenerates itself over time- up to a centimeter per year, as microorganisms within the soil degrade organic content and amass layer upon layer of fertility. It thus actually increases over time, while most soils degrade when used for agricultural purposes.

3. It sequesters carbon- not only is the production of the charcoal added to the soil carbon neutral or carbon negative, but the combination of microorganisms continually adding carbon rich content to the soil, plus the stable carbon input to the soil, combines to sequester massive amounts of it- it has been guessed that terra preta is stable for up to 5,000 years, and as it increases over time in layers it may be infinitely stable.

4. Added to drainage areas it could potentially stop leeching of chemical fertilizer into water sources.

5. As it was being created on a massive scale a thousand years ago by natives using primarily stone tools and inefficient methods, it has to be assumed that any advanced nation could create enough terra preta in a decade to cover all of its arable land.

6. In agricultural areas, topsoil carbon content is being depleted- this would reverse the process and make the soil even more fertile than it was to begin with.

7. Nutrient leeching is minimal in such improved soils.

Were the western nations to use this method over even fairly small areas (10%) of agricultural land, it would increase yields, decrease reliance on eastern-produced chemicals, protect the environment, and could lead to carbon neutrality.

It has been proposed that through such methods, this could also be used to make extremely poor soils (such as those in the steppe of Texas, or perhaps even deserts) arable enough for at least crops which require minimal water.

Less intensively, gardening enthusiasts can easily make charcoal using a 50 gallon steel drum to make charcoal through a process you can find here.

I will be experimenting with terra preta this year using the following recipe.

1. Ground charcoal via 50 gallon steel drum- mixed into soil at the rate of about 25% for the top six inches. The charcoal will not be soaked in chemical fertilizer or compost tea as some recipes suggest is useful, to test whether this step is truly necessary (studies show that for a short time after application the charcoal reduces rather than increases available nutrients. If this proves problematic, soaking in bonemeal and an overlayer of compost will be used.)

2. One pound of organic bonemeal per drumload.

3. Half a drumload of organic compost (homemade) per drumload of charcoal.

4. The use of crop rotation and perhaps green manure.

5. Optionally, half a drumload of cow shit per drumload of charcoal.

All of my garden beds except for one are raised and have already had significant amounts of organic compost added to them from my own compost pile.

In one area, the terra preta will consist of 33% charcoal, 33% organic compost, twice the bonemeal input, and 33% regular soil (which in my location is mainly a loose, almost loamy mix, which has somewhat more silt and somewhat less clay than actual loam.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

100 Creepy Wikipedia Articles

A list of 100 weird, creepy Wikipedia articles. Some are mentioned in other similar lists, others are original to this one, to my knowledge.!_signal

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Upcoming Zurich Experiment Release from World Operations

From Nikolas Schreck's official Facebook page:

This Day in History: Radio Werewolf w. Nikolas Schreck, Zeena & Christophe D. Carry Out ''The Zürich Experiment'', RW's Final Public Rally in Zürich, Switzerland at the Historic Kaufleuten Hall, Dec. 30, 1991. A DVD Film of the Concert is forthcoming from World Operations

For German language news clip promoting the concert at the time scroll down on

A very exciting piece of news: I will update as soon as the DVD becomes available along, most likely, with a link to purchase it.