Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis: Petrus Romanus and the Jesuits

Insane Vespers Everywhere

A new pope has been chosen: Jorge Bergoglio AKA Pope Francis I.

This Jesuit figurehead fulfills the prediction of a black pope- the leader of the Jesuit order is often called the black pope.

Interestingly two scandals are hitting the news as we speak, ushering in this Kali-Yuga driven era of the new dark ages.

1. Angelo Scola (who had previously been considered the main front runner for pope) saw his diocese raided by police in response to anti-mafia claims. You can read the story here.

2. It has just come to light that the Catholic Church recently bought a block of land in Rome which contains Europe's largest gay spa. You can read the story here.

Even a half hour after the pope took office, we see numerous forum and blog discussions about the topic cropping up- what they understand is that there is a mystic significance to this election- but they seem to have missed the mystic underpinnings themselves, focusing on skull and bones or the illuminati while missing the much more obvious scandals rocking the church as they speak!


  1. His is the first Pope from the Jesuit order. The Jesuits are an order that originated from Rome in the 1500's. His Father was an Italian Rail worker that lived in Rome.
    The New Pope's Crest is that of the Jesuit liniage of the Apostal Peter.

  2. Pope francis was elected on march 13 2013 - 3+1+3+2+1+3=13 the satanic number of rebellion.
    Pope francis also happens to be 76-7+6=13
    Coincidence ? By the way 13 also happens to be a very sacred number in freemasonry. The fact that he also happens to be the first jesuit ever elected pope in the history of the catholic church is also very significant.

  3. Pope Francis’s last name is “Bergoglio.” Berg (German) means mountain or rock, and also (Peter). Oglio is a river in Italy (Rome). Berg-Oglio translates as Rock-Rome or “Petrus Romanus” ‘Peter the Roman’, the name St. Malachy predicted would be the last pope! More than just chance or coincidence that the Pope’s last name literally means Petrus Romanus.

  4. Important biographers of Malachy like St. Bernhard never mentioned the prophecy of the popes. The prophecies were first mentioned in the end of 1500s aprox. 50 years after the foundation of the Society of Jesus. They may very well be a reflexion on the efforts of Francis Borgia the outline a future path for the SJ to infiltrate the Papacy.

    In that respect the name of Francis may very well have a double meaning. We are to believe Francis of Assisi but it may very well refering to the 3rd General SJ.

    This means that for them 'and then the end' means the completion of their plan to Jesuitise the RC church, which they have since long done and finally the Papacy.

    Then the 'prophecy' has been fulfilled.

    The prophecy mentions nothing about the final Pope being the devil or anti Christ.. The pushing of that interpretation might very well have been smoke and mirrors...

  5. read prophecy of st.Francis of Assisi......about the end times
    yyou'll get to to know...Jah bless!