Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Biogenesis Game

Very cool

A very cool page I found while browsing- a sort of combination between a simulation game and artificial aquarium- it's quite a tiny download, highly simplistic, and yet quite addictive.

The game revolves around the concept of mutation and evolution, but also around nutrient cycles and limiting energy sources- allowing the player to mutate organisms, or let them replicate naturally, observing them as they evolve into (sometimes quite odd) forms.

Essentially a mathematical representation of single cell evolution, it allows you to alter CO2 levels, and add segments to the organisms, rotate them, increase or decrease length, and there are several types of color each with their own effect- a standardized 5% mutation rate ensures that some species disappear while others thrive.

Most hilarious feature: Pump up the carbon dioxide levels and watch the population explode.

The kind of program that uses a tiny enough amount of processing power to leave it on while you go to work, returning only to see mutants have exhausted your population and become hegemonic.

Predators mainly have a cyan section and are tipped in red or white, photosynthetic organisms are mainly green and usually with a blue armor around them- sometimes quite complicated mutants arise, and some can infect other cells. Dead, decomposing cells in brown.

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