Monday, August 12, 2013

Michael Hastings was Writing an Expose about CIA Director John Brennan When he Died

It now seems all but certain that the government (particularly, those at the CIA) had Michael Hastings assassinated, and that his suspicious car wreck was no accident.

San Diego 6 broke the story earlier today: Hastings was working on an expose about CIA director Brennan right before he mysteriously died.

Those of us who remember the wikileaks tweet about how he was just about to call their lawyer hours before death, and those of us who remember that Hastings was telling people he had a "big story" at the time are not surprised he turned up dead- the CIA has a long history of destroying those who threaten the police state (from propaganda, to assassinations, to spying.)

Presumably, the expose is already in readable form and will apparently be appearing in Rolling Stone soon.

The picture below should come as no shock to the redpilled. It is part of a stack of internal emails leaked to wikileaks some time ago- correspondence between various entities in politics, surveillance, and business.

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Did I mention that analysis on several angles of video footage of the crash show Hastings was not actually speeding? Or that the explosion occurred before impact? You won't hear that in the mainstream media, but it's already been investigated thoroughly.

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