Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nikolas Schreck Interview tomorrow (November 25th) at 8PM EST

Tomorrow, November 25th, at 8PM Eastern Time (You can go to many sites to convert this to your local time) Nikolas Schreck will be doing a 2 hour interview with Star City Radio for the Tate Labianca Radio program, Nikolas, author of "The Manson File, Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman" will be speaking about his book, and the truth about the Manson case, the myths and realities behind the Helter Skelter scenario.

English and French versions of his book

For those not familiar with Nikolas' extensive work- it ranges from music (as lead singer of Radio Werewolf), authoring 5 different books, acting, magick, spiritual mysticism within the buddhist left hand path, and various other work- he is also the husband of Zeena Schreck, formerly Zeena LaVey, whose work is also extensive, ranging from photography and writing, to art, spiritual leadership within the Sethian Liberation Movement, and eco-activism.

Embedded below is the promo video made for this interview. I will be tuning in and hope all of you do as well!

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